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PHY 418: Statistical Mechanics I
Prof. S. Teitel stte@pas.rochester.edu ---- Spring 2012


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lecture 6

curvature of free energies and stability requirements for response functions, kinetic theory of ideal gas, Maxwell velocity distribution

lecture 6 supplement

heat engines, thermodynamic efficiency, Carnot cycle

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lecture 7

ergodic hypothesis, statisitcal ensembles, density matrix, Liouville's theorem, microcanonical ensemble, density of states

HW #1 due

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lecture canceled

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lecture 8

density of states and connection to entropy, entropy of the ideal gas and problem of extensivity, entropy of mixing and Gibbs' paradox

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lecture 9

entropy of mixing continued, indistinguishable particles, the canonical ensemble and the canonical partition function

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lecture 10

Helholtz free energy and the canonical partition function, energy fluctuations, equivalence of canonical and microcanonical ensembles in the thermodynamic limit

make up lecture, starts 11 am

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lecture 11

average energy vs most probably energy, Stirling's formula, factoring the canonical partition function for non-interacting objects, Maxwell velocity distribution revisited

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lecture 12

virial theorm, equipartition theorem, elastic vibrations of a solid and the law of Dulong and Petit, paramagnetism of classical spins and the Curie law of paramagnetic susceptibility

HW #2 due

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class canceled

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class canceled