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Stephen Teitel
Professor of Physics

University of Rochester
Bausch & Lomb 455B
(585) 275-4039
We are interested in general problems in statistical physics, particularly those concerning critical behavior in equilibrium and steady state non-equilibrium systems.

Our most recent research concerns the nature of jamming in granular systems and characterizing the non-equilibrium flowing steady states that result from the application of finite shear stress. We are interested in the broader implications of jamming for understanding behavior in other glassy systems.

An area of considerable research effort has been understanding the effects of vortex fluctuations in high temperature superconductors and in superconducting networks. In addition to its intrinsic interest for understanding the macroscopic behavior of superconductors, this system serves as a convenient model for investigating more general issues concerning the effects of commensurability, quenched randomness, and driving forces on phase transitions in strongly fluctuating many particle systems.

We have also recently been investigating the structural properties of nanosized clusters and rods of gold atoms, where surface free energies are comparable to bulk free energies. We find that the stability of a nanocluster is determined by the stability of its surface facets.

Finally, Prof. Teitel has had an ongoing interest in modeling processes related to neural computation. No specific projects in this area have been completed, but it remains a possible direction for the future.

Investigations are carried out primarily through the use of large scale numerical simulations. For further details, see the Research page.

University of Rochester
Department of Physics and Astronomy
P.O. Box 270171  •  500 Wilson Boulevard  •  Rochester, NY 14627-0171
phone: (585) 275-4351  •  fax: (585) 273-3237

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