Mees Observatory

To drive to the C.E.K. Mees Observatory from the Rochester area, you should get onto Rt. 64 one of the following ways:

  • From Rt. 252 in Pittsford
  • From I-390S to Avon, then take Rts. 5 and 20 East through Lima, West Bloomfield, picking up Rt. 64 in Bloomfield
  • For the scenic route take I-390S to Geneseo, then Rt. 20A East all the way to 64

Once on Rt. 64 you head South going past Bristol Mountain., through Bristol Springs (about 3 mi. past Bristol Mountain), and watch for West Gannett Hill Road on your right. There will be a sign for Ontario County Park there. Take West Gannett Hill Road to the "T". The County Park is to your right and the road leading up to the Gannett house is to your left. You will come to one more turn off to the right which is the driveway to the House and Observatory. When you get to the "Y" go left to the House. Do not drive up to the observatory.

Information about tours may be found here.


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