AstroBEAR 2.0 Developer's Guide

Chapter 0. Managing Code Repositories

An introduction to gitolite

Chapter 1. The structure of AstroBEAR

An introduction to AstroBEAR 2.0

Explanation of how modules are organized

Using Doxygen to view and create documentation within AstroBEAR

Chapter 2. The Adaptive Mesh Refinement Engine in AstroBEAR

Some basic AMR terminology and concepts

The AMR implementation in AstroBEAR

Chapter 3. Communication in AstroBEAR

How Scrambler schedules and performs communication

Chapter 4. Parallelism

How Scrambler manages the distributed tree

How Scrambler manages the distributed control

How Scrambler balances the work load

How Scrambler handles threading

How Scrambler handles Scheduling for PseudoThreading

Chapter 5. Objects in AstroBEAR

Objects in AstroBear

Tracers in Objects

Chapter 6. The Hyperbolic Solvers

The Sweep Scheme for Unsplit CTU

The Muscl Scheme for Split advances

A brief overview of the numerical integration options in AstroBEAR How magnetic fields are handled

Information about additional dissipation mechanisms useful for higher order schemes

Chapter 7. The Elliptic/Parabolic Solvers

Discretizing elliptic equations on an AMR mesh

Hypre Explained

A code-centric presentation on Hypre

Self gravity

Thermal Conduction

Radiation Flux Limited Diffusion Solver

Resistive / Hall MHD

Chapter 8. Line Transfer in AstroBEAR

How line transfer is solved in AstroBEAR

Chapter 9. Source Terms in AstroBEAR

SourceTerms The main page on how source terms are implemented in AstroBEAR (under construction)

A discussion on methods of handling (simple) cooling functions.

Description of the non-equilibrium cooling functions.

Chapter 10. Lagrangian Particles in AstroBEAR

Information about AstroBEAR's particle algorithm.

Chapter 11. IO

Chapter 12. Special Topics

How Astrobear handles step restarts

Performance issues related to Scrambler

A summary of scaling tests for other codes

A summary of scaling tests for AstroBEAR 2.0

How processors spend their time

Implementation of shell algorithm

Implementation of scan algorithm

Managing ghost cells

Computational Stencils

Super Gridding

Chapter 13. Legacy documentation

Though much of it is legacy (last update: 09/2007), Brandon's collection of pages on AstroBEAR (nee Bearclaw) still has good information and should be updated and dispersed through the wiki.

The original doxygen-like effort. All hand crafted from the finest ones and zeroes.

AstroBEAR API Reference

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