Sarada Rajeev

Sarada G. Rajeev

  • Professor of Physics
  • Professor of Mathematics

PhD in Physics, Syracuse University, 1984

351 Bausch & Lomb Hall
(585) 275-4796
Fax: (585) 273-3237


Research Overview

Professor Rajeev works on various problems in theoretical physics arising from high-energy physics, as well as other fields such as string theory, nonlinear optics, hydrodynamics and quantum information theory. The focus of most recent work has been on non-commutative geometry and probability theory, which has applications to understanding Yang-Mills fields as well as to string theory and even classical problems in hydrodynamics. Solitons in field theories of high energy physics and nonlinear optics is another theme of research.

Research Interests

  • theoretical condensed-matter physics