About   Arnab

Arnab Kar is a Research Associate in the Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) of the University of Rochester. His research interests are in high energy density physics, quantum chemistry, mathematical physics. Before joining the LLE, he was a postdoctoral fellow in the Franco group at Department of Chemistry, University of Rochester. He received his Ph.D. in mathematical physics from the Department of Physics, University of Rochester in 2014 where he was a Agnes M. and George Messersmith Fellow advised by Prof. S. G. Rajeev. Before moving to Rochester, he graduated from the Chennai Mathematical Institute in 2009 with B.Sc. (Honours) in physics. Besides his diverse research interests, he is passionate about teaching and has taught a course in Nuclear Physics at Rochester Institute of Technology in Spring, 2014. He enjoys playing games such as squash and soccer.


  • High Energy Density Physics

    Interpreting experimental observations of materials under extreme conditions.

  • Quantum Chemistry

    Understanding the mechanism of electronic decoherence and quantifying it.

  • Mathematical Physics

    Eliminating divergences at short distances by using ideas from metric geometry.


Nuclear Physics,   Spring 2014
School of Physics and Astronomy,   Rochester Institute of Technology