JUPITER:  Jlab Unified Program to Investigate nuclear Targets and Electroproduction of Resonances:

JUPITER 1: Arie Bodek (Rochester), Cynthia Keppel (Hampton/Jlab)
JUPITER 2: Steve Manly (Rochester), Will Brooks (Jlab)
MINERvA:  Kevin McFarland (Rochester), Jorge Morfin (Fermilab)
PHENOMENOLGY:  Arie Bodek (Rochester), Howard Budd (Rochester), Un Ki Yang (Chicago),  John Arrington (Argonne).

Collboration between Nuclear Physics and High Energy  Physics Communities to Investigate the Structure of Nucleons and Nuclei with Electron and Neutrino Beams.

Building up the foundation for present and next generation neutrino oscillations experiments with neutrino superbeams at Fermilab, JHF and CERN.


JUPITER 1: Inclusive Electron Scattering from Nuclear Targets  in Hall C: Jlab E04-001.  Arie Bodek (University of Rochester) and Cynthia Keppel (Hampton University) Co-spokesperson (Jlab E04-001) - [E04-001 Jlab Hall C Approvcd by PAC25 on January 16, 2004].
Rochester Experimental Faculty  on JUPITER1:  Arie Bodek, Kevin McFarland and Steve Manly

JUPITER 2:  Hadronic Final States in Electron Scattering in Hall B - Steve Manly (University of Rochester, Will Brooks, Jefferson Lab)

MINERvA:   MINERvA Neutrino Experiment at Fermilab (Spokespersons: Kevin McFarland - Rochester and Jorge Morfin - Fermilab)
Rochester Experimenters on MINERvA are: Arie Bodek, Howard Budd, J. Chvojka, Pawel de Barbaro, Kevin McFarland, Steve Manly,  Willis Sakumoto and Ray Teng.

Phenomenolog of  Nucleon and Nuclear Structure (Inelastic Scattering and Resonance Production):  Arie Bodek and I. C. Park  (Rochester), Un Ki Yang (Chicago):  Effective Parton Distribution Functions in low Energy Electron and Neutrino Scattering (Arie Bodek, Un Ki Yang and I C Park). http://www.pas.rochester.edu/~icpark/MINERvA/

Phenomenolog of  Nucleon Form Weak and Electromagnetic Form Factors and Quasielastic Scattering: Arie Bodek and Howard Budd (Rochester), John Arrington (Argonne)

A Program to Investigate  Quark Hadron Duality in  Electron and Neutrino Scattering on Nucleons and Nuclei in Collaboration
with the Fermilab MINERvA Experiment


JUPITER1: Hall C Jefferson Lab Experiment E04-001 (approved Jan. 16, 2004)

Proposal copy (includes answers to questions from PAC25 as an appendix:  http://www.pas.rochester.edu/~bodek/jlab/F2-Rnuclear-HallC.pdf

January 16, 2004 PAC presentation (1) and backup slides (2) of E04-001

E04-001 was previously submitted as P03-110: For old P03-110 web page click below.

JUPITER2: Hall B Jefferson Lab Experiment with the CLAS Detector.