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Home address: 1376 Crittenden Road, Rochester, NY 14623-2301
Home telephone: 585-424-1862

Doug was born and raised in York, England. He graduated from Nunthorpe Grammar School in 1954 with both a State Scholarship and a York City Major Scholarship allowing him to study physics at the University of Manchester, England. This led to a B.Sc.1st Class Honours in Physics in 1957 and a Ph.D. in nuclear physics in 1963. Following this he accepted a research associate position at the University of Rochester working with Professor Parker Alford. In 1963 the University of Rochester received NSF funding to build the Nuclear Structure Research Laboratory housing a MP tandem Van der Graaff, which at that time was the most powerful DC accelerator facility used in nuclear physics. Doug decided to settle in Rochester to help build, upgrade and exploit the NSRL rather than return to Manchester as originally planned. He rose through the ranks to Professor of Physics as well as being Director of the NSRL from 1988-1999. Doug's research originally was focussed around the NSRL accelerator facility, but now is based on major new national gamma-ray facilities Gammasphere, MINIBALL, and GRETINA sited at major the premier exotic-beam facilities ATLAS/CARIBU, TRIUMF/ISAC2, and CERN/ISOLDE.


Lorraine Van Meter was born in Long Beach, CA. As a child Lorraine lived in California, Boston, Kansas, Washington State and graduated from Ridgecrest High School in China Lake CA. She graduated from UCLA with a MA in History in 1967 plus a secondary teaching credential. Lorraine did graduate work at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill after which she taught history at Fayetteville State College and Wake Forest University before coming to the University of Rochester where she met Doug in 1974. Lorraine and Doug were married in California 28 December 1975. She has taught European History at Allendale Columbia High School since 1977. We have two children Julia VanMeter Cline and Geoffrey Karl Cline.


Julia was born in Rochester. She graduated from Allendale Columbia High School in 1998 and from Brown University with a B.S, Magna Cum Laude, [Electrical Engineering] in 2002. In June 2004 she graduated from MIT with an M.S. in Electrical Engineering. Julia was on the Field and Track plus Ultimate Frisbee teams at Brown and was a member of the Ultimate Frisbee team at MIT that was runner up in the 2003 National Championships. She spent Fall 2004 in Paris improving her French language and Spring 2005 as a full-time ski instructor at Squaw Valley CA. She designed large-scale integrated circuits at Rambus Industries, before mogving to a start-up company.

Geoff was born in Rochester. He attended Allendale Columbia graduating in 2001, and from the University of Rochester in 2005 with a B.S. in Chemistry. He was a member of the UR Ultimate Frisbee and Squash teams. Geoff worked for a decade as a pilot and captain for Sky West flying Embraer turboprops and Canadair Regional Jets. Now he is flying for United.


Family Interests:

Doug learned to fly power planes in 1965 but his real passion is for flying sailplanes which he started in 1966. Currently he is a flight instructor for the Finger Lakes Soaring Club.

Geoff also has a passion for flying; he started flying gliders at age 13, soloed a glider on his 14th birthday, a power plane on his 16th birthday, received his private license when he turned 17, and his instrument, commercial, CFI plus CFII instructor certificates when he was 19. Geoff was a flight instructor at Air Venture Aviation for 4 years. He was a pilot and captain for SkyWest flying Embraer turboprops and Canadair Regional Jets. Now he flies for United Airlines.

Julia soloed a power plane but she put her flying on hold while she attended college. Lorraine loves to travel, but otherwise prefers to keep her feet on terra firma. We own a Pegasus 101B Standard Class racing sailplane, racing number V, which Doug and Geoff fly whenever possible. See FLSC_Soaring.


The whole family enjoys alpine skiing as well as cross country skiing. Julia and Geoff are PSIA certified alpine ski instructors and taught for several years at Hunt Hollow Ski Club. Julia won the annual Womens LoveJoy Trophy for ski racing in 1997 in addition to being a full time ski instructor at Squaw Valley during Spring 2005.


Other activities :
The family goes camping and/or backpacking sometimes in the Adirondacks, out West, and sometimes canoe camping in Algonquin Park, Canada. The family members enjoy other sports activities including cycling, walking, jogging, basketball, windsurfing, Ultimate Frisbee, etc, as well as participating in both music and dance.


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