Astronomy 102: relativity, black holes, and the Big Bang
University of Rochester, Fall semester 2009

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Features of current interest  (archive)

How the class fared: histograms and statistics of homework, exam, and total scores, and the final letter grades. (12/10/2009)
New official American Physical Society bumper sticker. (12/09/2009; contributed by Sarah Karron)
The first generation of stars to be formed after the Big Bang were much more massive than today's stars, and gave rise to correspondingly huge black holes. (11/25/2009)
The LHC conducted its first collisions, and, as predicted in Homework 5, no black holes were made that could swallow the planet. So it looks like you're going to have to finish Homework 6 after all. (11/23/2009)
The continuing search for extrasolar planets is so scientifically compelling that even those who work on dark energy would like to piggyback on the search. (11/19/2009)

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