David H. Douglass

Professor David H. Douglass

Univeristy of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627
Office: Bausch & Lomb 156   Phone: (585) 275-4573
Lab: Bausch & Lomb 403   Phone: (585) 275-0538

Fax: (585) 273-3237
Email: douglass@pas.rochester.edu

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Prof. Douglass interests have been in the general area of Experimental Condensed Matter Physics. His work has involved experiments in the areas of liquid helium and superconductivity (both low temperature and high temperature). Significant contributions have also been made in the field of gravitational wave detectors. Prof. Douglass has also worked on chaos and frequency drifts of spectral lines of extended sources.

His interests for the last several years are on climate change, in particular with the fundamental science issues underlying "global warming."

Recent Publications

Current Courses

Energy and the Environment (Spring 2010). A broad survey of the energy-environment field, for science and engineering majors. This course can be used to satisfy part of the upper-level writing requirement.