Homeworks will be graded using a computer assisted teaching tool, known as CAPA . You can obtain the homeworks using the GOPHER document retrieval system. Each student will be assigned a personalized homework set. The answers can be submitted by connecting to the CAPA computers either by TELNET or by a WEB browser such as Netscape. You will know right away if your answer is correct.

You can also submit a written copy of the homework to be graded by the Teaching Assistant.

Homeworks will be available usually every Thursday at 9:00 am. They are due the following Thursday at 9:00 am. Answers will be available the day after the homeworks are due.
The first homework will be avaliable  on Jan 23rd and the answers should have been entered into
the computer by Jan 30th.

Late homeworks will not be accepted.

If you have trouble with homeworks come see me during office hours
after   reading the  web page  Frequently Asked Questions .

Your TAs  will be available to help you with homeworks  in B&L 304 on
most afternoons; detailed schedule will be posted on the door to Rm 304.