We will assume that you are logged on to your student account on UHURA through one of the terminals in Taylor Hall.

1) type:




2) This will load  our class webpage. You should press the up or  down arrow keys till you are at the  line that reads  " can view the  lecture notes"

3) Click on the  word " lecture" on that line. This will take you to a list of lectures. Click on the one you want.

4) Press  `d' to download the postscript file containing the lecture note
to your computer. If it shows a menu choose `download to disk'.
If you chose Lecture 4 for example, you should have a file called in your computer now.

4) Quit lynx to get back to  your Uhura prompt. Type:


lpr  -b -P<printer>

You must substitute the name of the printer you are using for  the word <printer>
in the above command. You should ask your system manager for the name of the
printer. It would be best to use a color postcript printer but a black and white
 postscript printer is fine.