PHY405/Phy458 Geometrical Methods in Physics/Fluid Mechanics

S. G. Rajeev

Classes meet at Tuesdays/Thursdays 9:40-10:55 in B&L 208 (New Time and Room!).

First Class on Tuesday Sep 5 2017

Students are expected to know linear algebra (eg.,matrices, eigenvalues ) and the calculus of several variables (partial derivatives, multidimensional integration). Some knowledge of classical mechanics at the level of our junior level courses will also be assumed.

There will be no examinations in the course; instead there will be some homework assignments, roughly every two week. The course will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis for graduate students.

The main part of the course will be accessible to undergraduates and to experimental physics graduate students.A term paper/research project will allow you to explore special topics of interest to you.

The aim of the first semester (PHY405) will be to introduce the basics (vector fields, metric,covariant diferentiation, curvature) and apply them to Mechanics,Thermodynamics,Electricity and Magnetism and General Relativity.

The second semester (PHY458) will be a deep dive into fluid mechanics. In particular, discrete geometry (triangulations etc.) that underly the Finite Element Method (FEM) for solving Partial Differential Equations. Some familiarity with Mathematica/MatLab will help here.

I will rearrange the topics according to the needs of the students in the course. For example,some fluid mechanics/FEM can be included the first semester by dropping General Relativity.