PHY 114: General Physics II

Prof. S. G. Rajeev ---- Spring 2011

Mon May 9 2011

Fri Apr 29 2011
Mon Apr 25 2011
Tue Apr 19 2011

Tue Apr 12 2011

Mon Apr 11 2011

Mon Mar 28 2011

Tue Mar 22 2011

Fri Mar 18 2011

Your TAs are working over and above the call of duty. Please go the following review sessions for the upcoming exams:

Thur Mar 17 2011

Thur Mar 03 2011

Sun Feb 20 2011

Sun Feb 20 2011

Wed Feb 16 2011

Tue Feb 15 2011

Mon Feb 14 2011

Check List to bring to the Exam

Thur Feb 10 2011

Extra office hours: Michael Smith Fri Feb 11 3:30-4:30 PM at the POA

Tue Feb 8 2011

There is no homework due on Feb 14, the day before the first term exam.

I want you to use this week preparing for the exam.You can practice on my Old Exams

The first term exam on Feb 15 will cover Chapters 21-23 of the textbook.

Mon Jan 31 2011

From the FAQ page:

It is important that you read the notes and the book chapter before you come to class. Also after. Without it you will definitely get lost in the course. To recover once you fall behind is much harder than to keep up each week.

On the other hand, it is perfectly normal not to understand everything the first time you hear it; physics ideas like the electric flux or the potential only make sense slowly. You may not be as lost as you think. By now you should understand Coulomb's law.

Thu Jan 27 2011

Thu Jan 20 2011

Thur Jan 13 2011

First Lecture: Thur Jan 13th 12:30-1:45 pm Hoyt Hall

Workshops begin on Jan 24th

Thur Jan 13 2011


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