Robert S. Knox

University of Rochester



B. S. Thesis Students



    1.     Ilene J. Busch

            The limitations of present reverberation time formulas



    2.     Eric R. Henry

            Application of the excitonic mechanism for superconductivity



    3.     Walter Buell

            Acoustic redshift induced by frequency correlation in a two-point source



    4.     Robert C. Gilmore

            A reexamination of the Kennard-Stepanov relation

            1994  [Stoddard Prize winner]


    5.     Kaleb D. Michaud

            Two-temperature model study of global warming



    6.     Kelly A. Hicks

            A new approach to Kennard-Stepanov analysis:  applications to spheroidenes and PPV

            1997 [Stoddard Prize honorable mention]


    7.     Jeremy D. Kukafka

            Generalization of the Perrin-Lorentz planar oscillator model:  applications to the optical anisotropy observed in the FMO trimer



    8.     Laura E. Schmidt

            Conductance of porphyrin-based molecular wires

            2003  [Stoddard Prize winner]