Robert S. Knox


Annotated Publication List

Comments, typographical corrections, and other errata



(Books and unpublished items are at the end of the Articles list)


      1.   Robert S. Knox

            Direct-reading Planck distribution slide rule

            J. Opt. Soc. Am. 46, 879-881 (1956)


                       In ref. 3, no middle initial “J.” appears in the cited paper.

                       In ref. 4, the correct middle initial of the editor is “N.”


      2.   R. S. Knox and D. L. Dexter

            Solid state luminescence theory and oscillator strengths in KCl:Tl

            Phys. Rev. 104, 1245-1252 (1956) [also AFOSR TN-56-405 and ASTIA AD-96213]


                       Ref. 24, “D. A. Patterson and C. C. Klick (to be published)” is undoubtedly the article by these authors appearing as Phys. Rev. 105, 401 (1957).


      3.   Robert S. Knox

            Bibliography of atomic wave functions

            in Solid State Physics (ed. by F. Seitz and D. Turnbull, Academic Press, Inc. NY, 1957) vol. 4, pp. 413-421


                       In the table,  F-   last entry should have been 101-NSX;    S-  entry should have been 12-NAX;   Zr4+ entry should have been 1-NS


                       Table ref. 79 should have been expanded somewhat: “...(1935);  see also A. Tubis, Phys. Rev. 102, 1049 (1956).”

                       Table ref. 87, first entry, should have been “L. Biermann and E. Trefftz, ...”

                       Table ref. 101 became Proc. Cambr. Phil. Soc. 53, 206 (1957)

                       Table ref. 102 became Proc. Cambr. Phil. Soc. 53, 663 (1957)

                       Table ref. 110 should have been “J. H. Wood and G. W. Pratt, Jr.,...” and it became Phys. Rev. 107, 995 (1957).


                       A small unpublished supplement dated April, 1959 exists, containing further table references (118 through 136) and relating to the following atoms and ions:

                       A(Ar), Ag+, Al (all ionization states 0 through 11+), B-, C-, C, Cl-, Co++, F-, F, F+, F++, F+3, Hg, Hg++, K+, Kr, Kr+8, Mg++, Mg+3, Mg+4, Mn+4, N-, N, N+, Na+, Na++, Na+3, Na+4, Ne+5, O- -, O-, O, O+, O++, Pt, S-, Si+4, U, U+6, V++, W, Zr+4.


      4.   Robert S. Knox

            Excited-state wave functions, excitation energies, and oscillator strengths for argon (3p54s)

            Phys. Rev. 110, 375-381 (1958) [also AFOSR TN-57-791 and ASTIA AD-148023]


                       In ref. 5, “paper to be published”: W. W. Piper, Phys. Rev. 123, 1281 (1961)

                       In ref. 22, ‘Wolf’ should be ‘Wolff’

                       In Table III, third column, the values of E should read 16.651, 11.606, 11.18 (unchanged), 10.131, and 8.692.  For explanation, see A. Gold and R. S. Knox, Phys. Rev. 113, 834-839 (1959), caption of Table III.

                       In Table III, second row, updated values are E(3P1) = 11.620 and d = 0.2044  [see J. D. Dow and R. S. Knox, Phys. Rev. 152, 50 (1966), Table III.]


      5.   R. S. Knox

            Inversion symmetry of the M center

            Phys. Rev. Lett. 2, 87-88 (1959)


                       The actual pages of ref. 6 are 217-219;  only 218 is cited.


      6.   Albert Gold and Robert S. Knox

            Excited-state wave functions, excitation energies, and oscillator strengths for Ne (2p53s)

            Phys. Rev. 113, 834-839 (1959)


                       In Table III, there are two important corrections:

                                    the column marked zp actually contains 10 zp (typographical only);

                                    the experimental value of d should be 0.177, not 0.153.

                       In Table IV, the numbers in the column labeled “Theory (2)” are incorrect because we erroneously used the computed values of z.  The correct value of the oscillator strength ratio is 13.2 after correction is made.  (Correspondence with A. V. Phelps, May 1959).  Also, the experimental polarizability should be quoted as 2.69, not 5.90.  See paper 27 for further small parameter corrections.


      7.   Robert S. Knox

            Exciton states in rare gas crystals

            J. Phys. Chem. Solids 9, 238-264 (1959)


                       The numbers [only] of refs. 4 and 5 are interchanged in the reference list.

                       In ref. 48, there are only two citations.  “Sov. Phys. (JETP)…” is a translation of the preceding one.

                       Demidenko (Sov. Phys. Solid State 3, 869 (1961) points out some errors in some of the expansion coefficients of E(k), and therefore in effective masses.  


      8.   Robert S. Knox

            Exciton states in crystalline argon

            J. Phys. Chem. Solids 9, 265-280 (1959)


                       In ref. 12, the fourth author’s correct name is Piercey

                       In ref. 20, the year of the SSMTG report 6 is probably 1954.

                       See the remark about Demidenko regarding publication 7.  It will affect this paper also.


      9.   Robert S. Knox

            Configuration interaction in alkali halide phosphors

            Phys. Rev. 115, 1095-1106 (1959).   Reprinted in Selected papers on Phosphors, LEDs, and Scintillators: Application of Photo-, Cathodo-, Electro-, and Radioluminescence, edited by Marvin J. Weber (SPIE Optical Engineering Press, Bellingham, WA, 1998)


    10.   R. S. Knox and N. Inchauspé

            Exciton states in ionic crystals

            Phys. Rev 116, 1093-1099 (1959)


                       In ref. 15, the correct authors are P. L. Hartman, J. R. Nelson, and J. G. Siegfried.

                       In ref. 20(b), the correct publication date is 1958.  The conference was in October 1957.

                       In  ref. 21, the authors of the first citation should be L. Apker and E. A. Taft.


    11.   Dwight C. Burnham, Frederick C. Brown, and Robert S. Knox

            Electron mobility and scattering processes in AgBr at low temperatures

            Phys. Rev. 119, 1560-1570 (1960)


                       In ref. 32, the correct year of publication is 1957.  The citation should also include “vol. 4, pp. 199-366.”


    12.   R. S. Knox

            A note on exciton multiplicities

            Prog. Theor. Phys. 24, 909 only (1960)


    13.   R. S. Knox and F. Bassani

            Band structure of solid argon

            Phys. Rev. 124, 652-657 (1961)


                       Ref. 5 undoubtedly refers to J. Phys. Chem. Solids 20, 64-75 (1961)

                       In ref. 16, the full article pages are 99-212.

                       Equation (A3) should be multiplied by W-1/2 and Eq. (A5) should be multiplied by 2l+1.

                       There is a hidden erratum to paper 13 [see paper 19, R. S. Knox, Rad. Res. 20, 77-82 (1963), center of page 80] giving revised values of calculated bare effective masses of electron and hole:  0.56 and 4.0 electron masses, respectively)


    14.   Albert Gold and Robert S. Knox

            Line shape of absorption in crystalline rare gases

            J. Chem. Phys. 36, 2805-2806 (1962)


    15.   J. E. Robinson, F. Bassani, R. S. Knox, and J. R. Schrieffer

            Screening correction to the Slater exchange potential

            Phys. Rev. Lett. 9, 215-217 (1962)


    16.   R. S. Knox

            The fine structure of absorption in NaCl:Ag

            J. Phys. Soc. Japan 18, suppl. II, 268-274 (1963)


                       In ref. 1, the publication year should be 1961 (the conference year was 1960)

                       In ref. 6, the volume number (III) should have been mentioned

                       In ref. 9, the publisher’s name should be given as Jul. Gjellerups Forlag.  Also, while the citation in ref. 9 is to  p. 57, for a discussion of the detailed contributions of d in the case of dn ions in octahedral complexes, this is clearly wrong, since the work is a 56-page pamphlet, possibly a published version of a Ph. D. thesis.  The reference probably should have been to pp. 33-36, but various parameters are discussed throughout. 

                       Ref. 17 was published:  “Paramagnetic resonance and optical absorption of trapped holes and electrons in irradiated KCl:Ag,” Proc. Roy. Soc. A 247, 243-267 (1963)


    17.   G. Baldini and R. S. Knox

            Xenon impurity states in solid argon

            Phys. Rev. Lett. 11, 127-129 (1963)


                       In ref. 3, the page number for the Elliott paper is 1384, not 1377

                       Ref. 10 was published:  J. Phys. Chem. Solids 27, 943-946 (1966)


    18.   Robert S. Knox, Franco Bassani, and W. Beall Fowler, Jr.

            Valence band structure of silver chloride

            In  Photographic Sensitivity (Maruzen Co., Ltd.,  Tokyo, 1963), pp. 11-14


                       Ref. 6:  F. C. Brown, J. Phys. Chem. 66, 2368-2376 (1962)

                       In ref. 7:  the paper cited is #16 (above).


    19.   R. S. Knox

            Wannier Excitons in simple van der Waals crystals

            Rad. Research 20, 77-82 (1963)


                       In ref. 5, the full title includes “Part I. Molecular Crystals.”

                       In ref. 9, the correct page number is 483(only).

                       In ref. 12, the correct page numbers are 1562-1567.

                       In ref. 14, Fowler’s thesis title is “Energy bands in solid krypton” and the publication was W. B. Fowler,   “Electronic band structure and Wannier exciton states in solid krypton,” Phys. Rev. 132, 1591-1599 (1963)

                       Ref. 15 was published as #17 (above).


    20.   R. S. Knox

            Excited states of cesium halide crystals

            Phys. Rev. 133, A498-A501 (1964)


    21.   C. C. Klick, D. A. Patterson, and R. S. Knox

            Absorption band shape for the F center and thallium in KCl

            Phys. Rev. 133, A1717-A1723 (1964)


                       In ref. 9, the page number of the second citation should be 455, not 445.

                       In ref. 35, the year cited should be 1956, not 1961.


    22.   T. P. Das, A. N. Jette, and R. S. Knox

            Theory of optical and magnetic properties of the self-trapped hole in lithium fluoride

            Phys. Rev. 134, A1079-A1093 (1964)


                       In ref. 1, the page number is 127.

                       In ref. 3, the authors of the second paper listed are T. G. Castner, W. Känzig, and T. O. Woodruff

                       In ref. 11, the authors’ full names are T. A. Milne and D. Cubiccotti (note spelling correction) and the citation year should be 1958

                       In ref. 13a, initials were omitted:  read J. R. Reitz and J. L. Gammel.

                       In ref. 15, the page cited is not the article page number, which is 1

                       In ref. 19, published spelling of Mukherjee is Mukherji

                       In ref. 20, the correct authors are (in this order) W. Hayes and W. T. Twidell

                       In ref. 23, the initials of Roothaan should be changed to “C. C. J.”   Ransil’s complete initials are “B. J.”  The work of Wahl and Gilbert ultimately appeared, probably as T. L. Gilbert and A. C. Wahl, “Single-configuration wavefunction and potential curves for low-lying states of He2+, Ne2+, Ar2+, F2-, Cl2-, and the ground state of Cl2,” J. Chem. Phys. 55, 5247-5261 (1971)

                       In Table III, the Kittel citation should be “Introduction to Solid State Physics (second edition)” and the year should be 1956


    23.   R. S. Knox and M. H. Reilly

            Atomic multipole interactions in rare-gas crystals

            Phys. Rev. 135, A166-A170 (1964)


                       In ref. 9, the parentheses should contain “E. Birkhauser, Basel, 1950”


    24.   F. Bassani, R. S. Knox, and W. B. Fowler

            Band structure and electronic properties of AgCl and AgBr

            Phys. Rev. 137, A1217-A1225 (1965)


                       In ref. 14, page number should be 215.

                       In ref. 23, the T. P. McLean review should be cited as Prog. Semiconductors v. 5, page 53 (1960).  The erroneous citation is to a paper by Nikitine.

                       In ref. 40, the source should be Phys. Rev. 106, 241 (1957) (The source given for Koester and Givens was actually that of ref. 4)

                       In ref. 41, the journal is J. Chim. Phys.


                The following was distributed with most reprints:

                       “NOTE:   Inadvertently we omitted reference to the Hartree-Fock radial functions used in this work.  They were:

                       “Ag+:  B. H. Worsley, Proc. Roy. Soc. (London) A247, 390 (1958).

                       “Cl-:  D. R. Hartree and W. Hartree, Proc. Roy. Soc. (London) A156, 45 (1936).”



    25.   Doris J. Olechna and Robert S. Knox

            Energy band structure of selenium chains

            Phys. Rev. 140, A986-A993 (1965)


                       In ref. 1, delete the author’s initial “E.”

                       In ref. 2, the author’s initials should be “A. J.”


                       A more complete citation for ref. 18:  H. Gobrecht and A. Tausend, “The conductivity and band structure of hexagonal selenium,” in Physics of Semiconductors: Proceedings of the 7th intl conf ., Paris 1964 (ed. by M. Hulin, Dunod, Paris, 1964) 1189-1200.  The Paris edition is definitely 1964, as opposed to the apparent year of the New York edition

                       A more complete citation for ref. 23:  S. Robin-Kandare and J. Robin, “Temperature dependence of the refractive index and the polarizability of free carriers in some III-V semiconductors,” in Proc. Intl. Conf. on Semiconductor Physics, Prague 1960 (anonymous)-ed. (Publishing House of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague, 1961), pp. 388-394.


    26.   R. S. Knox and C. E. Swenberg

            Direct radiative exciton-exciton annihilation

            J. Chem. Phys. 44, 2577-2580 (1966)


                       Ref. 13 appears to have the wrong authors listed.  The existing paper at this journal page is by C. A. Parker and C. G. Hatchard.  Also, the journal should be cited as Proc. Roy. Soc. A

                       In ref. 14, the full page numbers of the article are 1-89.  We were referring to pages 53-55 specifically.

                       In ref. 17, the second paper listed is by G. C. Nieman and G. W. Robinson (omit H. Sternlicht).

                       In ref. 19, the page number should be 2309.

                       In ref. 21, the full page numbers of the article are 23-42.  We were referring to page 27 specifically.

                       An important erratum to the first paper in ref. 17 should have been mentioned [H. Sternlicht, G. C. Nieman and G. W. Robinson, J. Chem. Phys. 39, 1610-11 (1963)].


    27.   John D. Dow and Robert S. Knox

            Excited-state wave functions, excitation energies, and oscillator strengths for krypton and xenon

            Phys. Rev. 152, 50-56 (1966)


                       In ref. 22, author omitted:  Charlotte E. Moore

                       In Table IV ref. “e” the volume “A116” should be “A166”


    28.   R. S. Knox

            Symmetry distribution of normal modes in macroscopic crystals

            Solid State Comm. 4, 453-454 (1966)


                       Page 454, second column, 11th line from top:  should read “theorem shows that transverse modes will also decompose into”

                       In the abstract that is in German:  first line, “gezeit” should be “gezeigt”;  second line, the lower-case n should be na;  fourth line, “eimem” should be “einem”;  last line, the correct long word is “Grossenordnung”.


    29.   R. S. Knox

            Semiclassical theory of the infrared spectrum of KCl:Tl°

            Phys. Rev. 154, 799-801 (1967)


                       In ref. 9, the correct page number for Henry et al. is A583 (A602 is the final page).


    30.   David B. Benin and Robert S. Knox

            Theory of the thermal conductivity of solid neon

            Bull. Am. Phys. Soc. [II] 12, 355 (1967)


                       This abstract is listed as a publication because Benin published alone and no other record of the collaboration exists.


    31.   Robert S. Knox and Doris J. Olechna

            Excited-state wavefunctions, excitation energies, and oscillator strengths in selenium (p4«p3s)

            J. Chem. Phys. 47, 5226-5231 (1967)


                       In ref. 10, the date of the Condon and Shortley edition is 1953, not 1963.

                       Several typographical corrections: 

                       In Eq. (3.2), curly brackets should act to combine E(1S0) and E(3P0) on the left side; same for E(1D2) and E(3P2).  In the caption of Fig. 1, the second (b) should be (bę).  In the caption of Table I, first line, “eigenvalues” replaces “eigenvalue”.   On page 5229, fifth line of text, read “higher” instead of “high”.   In the first line following Eq. (4.5), “(4-3)” should be “(4.3)”.  Seven lines below that, “states” replaces “stares”.   At the top right of p. 5230, first line, insert so that the line reads “…configuration interaction as well as 5p”.  Six lines below Eq. (4.7), lp is lp.  At the top of the right column on p. 5231, the second line should read “considered here has recently been presented…”.


    32.   G. Hoch and R. S. Knox

            Primary processes in photosynthesis

            Chap. 7 of  Photophysiology, ed. by A. C. Giese (Academic Press, Inc., 1968), vol. III, pp. 225-251


                       In the Kautsky et al. ref., “Amann”  (misspelled in original)

                       In the Lumry et al. ref.,  delete “C.” in “Mayne, B. C.”

                       In the Nishimura and Takamiya ref.:  N. Murata, the first author, was omitted

                       In the Sybesma and Duysens ref.: the correct publication date is 1966; the conference was in Sept. 1965.          Inclusive page numbers: 83-92.


    33.   R. S. Knox and K. J. Teegarden

            Electronic excitations of perfect alkali halide crystals

            Chap. 1 and Appendix A of  Physics of Color Centers, ed. by W. Beall Fowler (Academic Press, Inc., N. Y., 1968), pp. 1-51, 625-626


                       In the first Creuzburg ref., authorship should be Creuzburg, M., and Raether, H.

                       Correction:  Kublitzky, A. (1934).  Ann. Physik 20, 793.  (note year and page)

                       Miyakawa, T. (1966) was published: Miyakawa, T. (1968) J. Phys. Soc. Japan 24, 768.

                       Correction:  Onaka, R., authorship should be  R. Onaka, A. Fukuda, and A. Ejiri.


                       It was pointed out by Prof. W. B. Fowler (8/8/75) that “several of the values for the high-frequency dielectric constant (for cesium halides) are wrong.”        


    34.   R. S. Knox

            Theory of polarization quenching by excitation transfer

            Physica 39, 361-386 (1968)


                       In ref. 3, the spelling of Levschin is probably Levshin or Levshchin.

                       In ref. 17, the article mentioned was published:  J. D. Dow, Phys. Rev. 174, 962-976 (1968)

                       In ref. 18, the page number 341 may be a specific citation because the actual article pages are 339-386

                       In ref. 22, the initial of Frakowiak should be ‘M’ and it probably should be Frackowiak.

                       In ref. 26, the source title should be Prog. Biophys. and Molec. Biol.


                       Eq. (7), page 364, is incorrect.  The left-hand side should be multiplied by 2 in its entirety.  This is a typographical correction and does not affect the argument associated with the equation.


                       There is published correspondence concerning this paper.  See miscellaneous publication 8.


    35.   R. S. Knox

            On the theory of trapping of excitation in the photosynthetic unit

            J. Theoret. Biology 21, 244-259 (1968)


                       The second Montroll reference is inadequately cited.  It should read “Montroll, E. W. (1967). In Wm. M. Mueller, ed., Energetics in Metallurgical Phenomena (Gordon and Breach, New York, N. Y.) vol. 3, pp. 123-167.”


    36.   R. S. Knox

            Storage of light energy and photosynthesis

            Nature 221, 263-264 (1969)


                       In ref. 2, replace “Bendall, D.” by “Bendall, F.”

                       In ref. 5, the article itself occupies pages 1-104, and the citation was to page 50 in particular.


    37.   R. S. Knox, S. Nikitine, and A. Mysyrowicz

            Kinetics of biexciton formation in CuCl

            Optics Communications 1, 19-21 (1969)


                       In ref. 6, the source is J. Phys. (France) Suppl.(166) C2-104.

                       Ref. 2 probably refers to this subsequent paper:  A. Bivas, R. Levy, S. Nikitine, and J. B. Grun, J. Phys. (France) 31, 227 (1970)

                       The first citation in ref. 6 probably refers to this:  M. Certier, C. Wecker, and S. Nikitine, Phys. Lett. 28A, 307 (1968).


    38.   S. D. Druger and R. S. Knox

            Theory of trapped hole centers in rare gas solids

            J. Chem. Phys. 50, 3143-3153 (1969)


                       In ref. 2, “O. Howe” should be “S. Howe”

                       In ref. 8, Keller et al., Phys. Rev. 154, 812 (1967) (corrected from 1966)

                       In ref. 50, the volume number should be 139, not 139A, and the author is P. S. Bagus


                       Equation 26 is incorrect.  Replace the first parenthetical expression by (ea03/32Ļ).  This is typographical and does not affect the numerical results.

                       Ref. 24 probably became K. S. Song, Canad. J. Phys. 49, 26-33 (1971); it has the same title, “Calculation of the self-trapped hole in solid argon”

                       Ref. 35 became T. L. Gilbert and A. C. Wahl, J. Chem. Phys. 55, 5247-5261 (1971)


    39.   D. L. Dexter, Th. Förster, and R. S. Knox

            The radiationless transfer of energy of electronic excitation between impurity molecules in crystals [comments on a paper of Davydov]

            Physica Status Solidi 34, K159-K162 (1969)


    40.   Richard A. Elliott, Katja Lakatos, and Robert S. Knox

            The effect of lattice vibrations on trap-limited exciton lifetimes

            J. Statistical Phys. 1, 253-269 (1969)


                       In ref. 5, the complete source citation is “Progr. Biophys. and Molec. Biol.”


    41.   Robert S. Knox

            Thermodynamics and the primary processes of photosynthesis

            Biophysical J. 9, 1351-1362 (1969)


                       In the second Duysens reference, the pages of the article are actually 10-25.  The citation was meant to refer specifically to page 18.

                       In Eqs. (3,4) the subscripts “T” appearing in two of the exponentials should not be subscripts.


                       This paper has three major errata.  A sheet describing them was circulated with many reprints:

                                    (1)  Eq. (8) required two corrections.  In the denominator, the second “A” should have been “Aę” and there is an additional term  -LN0exp(-E/kT).  These corrections make changes in the remainder of the paragraph necessary:  “If all terms involving exp(-E/kT) are omitted, one finds upon substitution of Eqs. (3) and (4) into Eq. (8) that the fluorescence yield is exactly equal to fF as given by Eq. (6).  Since our applications will deal with this nonequilibrium case, we shall henceforth regard fF as being precisely equal to the actual yield, although at extremely low intensities the latter formally approaches unity.”

                                    (2)  The left hand side of Eq. (12) should read N1/N0 instead of N1/N10; this is typographical.

                                    (3)  Near the bottom of p. 1358, read TD = 1080 °K instead of TD = 626 °K, and DFmax = 1.25 eV instead of 0.88 eV.  This corrects a numerical error, and the brief comments following the calculation must be modified accordingly, i. e., the intensities used by Sauer and Park were not so low as to operate the system barely at the thermodynamic limit of efficiency.

                       The circulated erratum memo, dated 11/16/71, concluded “I am indebted to Drs. H. A. Otten, of the University of Leiden, for pointing out that Eq. (8) was in error, and to Prof. A. R. Crofts, of the University of Bristol, for locating the numerical error. 


    42.   Frederick W. Craver and Robert S. Knox

            Theory of concentrations quenching by excitation transfer II. anisotropy and second-neighbour considerations

            Molecular Physics 22, 385-402 (1971)


                       In ref. 11, journal should be:  Trudy Inst. Fiz. Akad. Nauk;  also, the page number 341 may be a specific citation because the actual article pages are 339-386.

                       In ref. 21, the correct journal is “J. Phys. USSR” [the article is a translation of Z. Eksp. Teor. Fiz. 10, 1372-1383 (1940)].

                       In ref. 24, the journal should be:  Kolloid Zeits.


    43.   T. S. Rahman and R. S. Knox

            Theory of singlet-triplet exciton fusion

            Physica Status Solidi (b) 58, 715-720 (1973)


                       In ref. 10, add ‘vol. 4.’

                       In ref. 21, the source is pp. 403-422 and the citation should read ‘esp. p. 416.’


    44.   R. S. Knox

            Transfer of electronic excitation energy in condensed systems

            Part 4 of Primary Molecular Events in Photobiology (NATO Advanced Study Institute Lectures, Fiesole, Italy, Sept. 1972, ed. by A. Checcuci and R. A. Weale, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1973), pp. 45-77


                       Note:  while a good camera-ready copy was available, one of the editors insisted on retyping the manuscript, rendering it highly sub-standard for a publication.                 


                       In ref. 3, replace “on” by “and” and “C & S” by “CdS”

                       In ref. 6, replace “A234” by “A238”

                       In ref. 12, replace “Glycolipides” by “Glycolipids”

                       In ref. 17, replace “17” by “14”

                       In ref. 25, replace “Sinanoglue” by “Sinanoglu”

                       In ref. 27, replace “J.Chem., Pys.” by “J. Chem. Phys.”

                       In ref. 30, replace “solution” by “Solutions”

                       In ref. 31, insert “Transfer” after “Energy”

                       In the citation list only, renumber #33 as #34

                       In ref. 36, replace “Zenkevii” by “Zen’kevich, E. I.”  This reference is available as Sov. Physics - J. Appl.

                                    Spectroscopy qq, 738-742 (1968)

                       In ref. 44, the Eriksen and Ore page numbers are 159-171, not -168.

                       In ref. 54, line 1, replace “(1971)” by “(1972)”; in line 4, replace “Italy, 1972),” by “Italy, 1971), Vol. I,”


                       Add ref. 33:

                       33. Craver, F. W., and Knox, R. S. (1971), Theory of Polarization Quenching by Excitation Transfer II.  Anisotropy and Second-neighbour Considerations, Molecular Physics 22, 385-402.


                       Ref. 61 (first part) should be replaced by

                       61. Haken, H., and Reineker, P. (1968), Comments on the Interactions of Excitons and Phonons, in: Excitons, Magnons, and Phonons in Molecular Crystals (A. B. Zahlan, ed., Cambridge University Press), pp. 185-194.  Note especially the corrected spelling of the editor’s name.


    45.   V. M. Kenkre and R. S. Knox

            Generalized-master-equation theory of excitation transfer

            Phys. Rev. B9, 5279-5290 (1974)


                       In ref. 2, add page numbers 57-63.

                       In ref. 3, the correct source title is Progr. in Biophys. and Molec. Biology

                       In ref. 4, the correct source is Annalen der Physik (and not N. Y.)

                       In ref. 14, spelling:  ‘Geburtstag’.

                       In ref. 16, first part, add page numbers 106-141.

                       In ref. 17, second part, add page numbers 230-249.

                       In ref. 18, add the volume number (I) of Morse-Feshbach.

                       In ref. 31, the correct page number is 101.


                       On page 5281, center of the first column, read “... for excitons t is less than or approximately 10-12 sec ...”

                       On page 5282, in equation (20) the normalization was omitted.  The right hand side should be divided by [sum of unity over all xę É x, as in the equation before it.]


    46.   V. M. Kenkre and R. S. Knox

            Theory of fast and slow excitation transfer rates

            Phys. Rev. Lett. 33, 803-806 (1974)


                       In ref. 1, read “...Organic Crystals” instead of “...Organic Molecules”.

                       In ref. 9, the correct citation of Grover... is M. Grover... (not M. K..)

                       In ref. 12, the correct year for Davydov’s paper is 1968.

                       In ref. 15, the correct editors are M. Burton, J. S. Kirby Smith, and J. L. Magee.

                       In the sixth line of text, |u| should be replaced by 2|u|.


    47.   R. S. Knox

            Exciton Energy Transfer and Migration: Theoretical Considerations

            Chap. 4 of  Bioenergetics of Photosynthesis (ed. by Govindjee, Academic Press, Inc., New York, NY, 1975), pp. 183-221


                       Craver’s thesis: (1971a) should be (1970)

                       Craver (1971b) and Craver and Knox (1971):  volume number is 22, not 72.

                       Duysens (1964):  the source should be Prog. Biophys. and Molec. Biol.

                       Galanin (1950): the page number may be a specific citation since the actual pages are 339-386. 

                       Golebiowski and Witkowski, correct spelling is “Golebiewski”

                       Govindjee and Papageorgiou (1971):  the page numbers should be 1-46.

                       Haken and Reineker (1971): should be (1972).

                       Hemenger et al (1974): was published, J. Chem. Phys. 60, 3271-3277 (1974)

                       Kenkre and Knox (1974) was published: Phys. Rev. B 9, 5279-5290 (1974)

                       Knox (1973):  the correct page numbers are 45-77.

                       Paillotin (1971) should be (1972). This refers to the Stresa meeting, it was published in 1972, and ‘Hauge’

                                    is a misspelling of ‘Hague’ (W. Junk NV)

                       Powell and Kepler (1969):  it is essential to refer to an erratum to the paper:  Phys. Rev. Lett. 22, 1232


                       Strehler and Arnold (1951): the page numbers are 809-820.

                       Swenberg and Geacintov (1973):  the book cited should be “Organic Molecular Photophysics”.


    48.   Robert S. Knox and Vinita J. Ghosh

            Quenching of singlet excitations by triplet excitations

            Photochem. and Photobiol. 22, 149-150 (1975)


                       Bennett and Kellogg: insert “,vol. 4, ” before “p. 215”

                       Dawson and Abrahamson: the correct journal is J. Phys. Chem.

                       Förster (1948): the final page is 75

                       Förster (1965): the article spans pages 93-137 and our citation is meant to be to page 135 in particular.

                                    Moore and Song: the correct volume number is 243.

                       Swenberg and Geacintov:  delete Exciton Interactions in Organic Solids; this is the title of the article, not a

                                    volume subtitle.


    49.   R. L. Van Metter and R. S. Knox

            On the relation between absorption and emission spectra of molecules in solution

            Chemical Phys. 12, 333-340 (1976)


                       Ref. 13:  the third author is Studyonov, not Studynov

                       Ref. 15:  the fourth citation should read “E. V. Shpolskii and T. N. Bolotnikova, Pure and ...”

                       Ref. 16:  the first citation should read “R. I. Personov, E. I. Al’shitz, R. M. Bykovskaya, and B. M.

                                    Kharlamov, Sov. Phys. JETP...”

                       Ref. 22:  the actual pages of the source article are 355-399;  page 356 is cited specifically.

                       Ref. 25:  the correct page numbers are 71-105.


         It has been pointed out by R. C. Gilmore that in Fig. 1 the curved line and the straight dashed line were plotted incorrectly.  The vertical axis should be reversed, so that the slope of the curves tend upward to the right, and the solid curve should have positive curvature.  Gilmore also points out an error in eq. (A3), whose second term should contain (Es-kBTa)2 in the denominator instead of Es-kBTa.


    50.   V. M. Kenkre and R. S. Knox

            Optical spectra and exciton coherence

            J. Luminescence 12, 187-193 (1976)


                       In ref. 6b, it is clear that there is a missing reference (for fluorescence of bacteriochlorophyll; ref. 6b1, Philipson and Sauer, is absorption).  The most likely source, since the curves look very similar, is  T. G. Ebrey and R. K. Clayton, “Polarization of fluorescence from bacteriochlorophyll in castor oil, in chromatophores, and as P870 in photosynthetic reaction centers,” Photochem. Photobiol. 10, 109-117 (1969).


                       Ref. 11:  Avakian et al., page number should be 974.


    51.   R. S. Knox

            Photosynthetic efficiency and excitation transfer and trapping

            In  Primary Processes of Photosynthesis, ed. by  J. Barber (Elsevier/North Holland Biomedical Press, Amsterdam, 1977), Chap. 2, pp. 55-97


                       Concerning the references:                

                       Arnold and Kohn: the year should be 1935.

                       Campillo and Shapiro:  pub lished as cited, Chap. 7, pp 317-376.

                       Crofts et al.: the page numbers should be 89-100.

                       Emerson and Arnold: the page numbers of second article should be 191-205.

                       Förster 1960:  the correct editors are M. Burton, J. S. Kirby Smith, and J. L. Magee.

                       Geacintov and Swenberg:  the year should be 1975.

                       Harris et al.:  the final page should be 339.

                       Hemenger and Pearlstein:  the final page should be 432.

                       Hervo et al.:  there is a fourth author, G. Breuze.

                       Krasnovsky et al.:  the pages are 1406-1409.

                       in “Powel and Soos”: read “Powell”

                       Ross, Anderson, and Hsiao:  the correct pages are 267-278.

                       Shapiro et al.:  never appeared with the authors as cited.  However, it is likely that this work was

                                    published as: A. J. Campillo, R. C. Hyer, T. G. Monger, W. W. Parson, and S. L. Shapiro (1977)

                                    Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. (USA) 74, 1997-2001

                       Shipman et al.:  published, (1976) J. Am. Chem. Soc. 98, 8222-8230.


    52.   Robert S. Knox and Maria A. Davidovich

            Theory of fluorescence polarization in magnetically ordered photosynthetic systems

            Biophysical J.  24, 689-712 (1978)


                       In #1, the correct page numbers are 486-491.

                       In #2, change the word “fluorescence” in the title to “light”.

                       In #5, the first citation should be Campillo, A. J., and S. L. Shapiro. 1976.  Picosecond relaxation

                                     measurements in biology.  In Topics in Applied Physics, vol. 18, Ultrashort Light Pulses:

                                    Picosecond Techniques and Applications.  S. L. Shapiro, editor.  Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg.

                                    Chap. 7, pp. 317-376.

                       In #6, the first citation’s title should be augmented with “...(wild type), and its mutant R-26

                                     as measured by ESR in zero-field”.

                       In #6, the correct authors for the second citation are A. J. Hoff, H. Rademaker,

                                    R. Van Grondelle, and L. N. M. Duysens.

                       #20 was published:  … 1978. ... Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. (USA) 75, 5475-5478.

                       In #21, the final page is 311.

                       In #23, read “Processes” for “Process.”

                       In #27, read “§28” for “p. 28”


    53.   Robert S. Knox and Richard L. Van Metter

            Fluorescence of light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b-protein complexes:  implications for the photosynthetic unit

            In  Chlorophyll Organization and Energy Transfer in Photosynthesis, Ciba Foundation Symposium 61 (new series), ed. by D. Wolstenholme (Excerpta Medica, Amsterdam, and Elsevier/North Holland, Inc., New York, 1979), pp. 177-190


                       On p. 186, Paillotin (1972):  the source is not “Mar and Govindjee,” rather it is the Stresa volume that is the source of Mar and Govindjee (see citation directly above Paillotin)

                       On p. 189, Frenkel (1931): correct pages for the second article cited are 1276-1294.

                       On p. 189, Searle and Tredwell year should be 1979.

                       On p. 363 (see note below), the Paillotin and Swenberg citation is literally correct, but there is a discussion of that article continuing to p. 215.  Also, the title of Thomas et al. is “Chlorophyll concentrations in plastids of different groups of plants.”

                       There is an additional “portion of the article” on pp. 357-364, where the discussion continues, with a few more reference citations.


    54.   Robert S. Knox

            Localized and delocalized tunneling states

            In  Tunneling in Biological Systems (Proceedings of a Colloquium of the Johnson Research Foundation), ed. by Britton Chance, Don Charles DeVault, Hans Frauenfelder, Rudolph A. Marcus, J. Robert Schrieffer, and Norman Sutin (Academic Press, Inc., New York, 1979), pp. 91-94


                       In a footnote on page 92, the parable of the blind men and the elephant is attributed as follows:  “...from the Panchatantra, ca. 100 BC - 500 AD.  The author is believed to be Vishnu Sharma.  The parable reappears in Ved Byasa’s Mahabharata.”  This has been found to require clarification.  For example, Prof. A. K. Das points out that a mild inference is given here that the Panchatantra precedes the Mahabharata, which was not intended. 


                       According to Rhys Davids,* as quoted in Meier,** “the legend ... originated in the Pali ‘Udana,’ a collection of Buddhist legends, constituting a part of the ‘Tripitaka’ and apparently compiled in the second century B.C.  This source has long been known to the Western world...” (footnote 42 of Meier).   Annemarie Schimmel*** identifies an author ‘Rumi.’  Meier provides an extensive discussion of the legend, including its original form and a commentary on a second version.  The author is indebted to Prof. K. Razi Naqvi for this bibliographic information. 


                       *T. W. Rhys Davids, “Does Al Ghazzali use an Indian metaphor?”  J. of the Royal Asiatic Society, 200-201 (1911)

                       **Fritz Meier, “The problem of nature in the esoteric monism of Islam,” [an article translated by Ralph Manheim from Eranos- Jahrbuch 14, 174 (1946)], in Spirit and Nature: Papers from the Eranos Yearbooks, Pantheon Books, New York, 1954), p. 149, esp. pp.163-169.

                       ***Annemarie Schimmel, Mystical Dimensions of Islam (University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, NC, 1975), page 3, footnote.


                       In ref. 1, page numbers in the current book are now known, 17-29.

                       Ref. 2b is published:  Chem. Phys. 44, 197-210 (1979) and 47, 416 (1980).


    55.   R. S. Knox

            Conversion of light into free energy

            In  Light Induced Charge Separation at Interfaces in Biological  and Chemical Systems, proceedings of a Dahlem Workshop, Oct. 1978, Berlin (ed. by H. Gerischer and J. J. Katz; Verlag Chemie, Weinheim and New York, 1979), pp. 45-59


                       In Eq. 4, page 47, the coefficient of the “ln” term should be inverted, to read kB/hn

                                             On page 54, two lines above Eq. (11) , change “Eq. 2” to “Eq. 3”.


    56.   J. Joussot-Dubien, A. C. Albrecht, H. Gerischer, R. S. Knox, R. A. Marcus, M. Schott, A. Weller, and F. Willig

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            In  Light Induced Charge Separation at Interfaces in Biological  and Chemical Systems, proceedings of a Dahlem Workshop Oct. 1978, Berlin (ed. by H. Gerischer and J. J. Katz; Verlag Chemie, Weinheim and New York, 1979), pp. 129-149.


                       Ref. 4:  the title should read “...electric field dependence of hole and electron quantum yields”

                       Ref. 5:  the first author’s name is Charlé.

                       Ref. 6:  was published, Chem. Phys. Lett. 63, 269-272 (1979).

                       Ref. 7:  ‘Arakian’ should be ‘Avakian’

                       Ref. 11:  ‘J. L.’ should be ‘J. J.’

                       Ref. 12:  the author order is Ulstrup and Jortner; in title, replace “relationship” by “relationships”.

                       Ref. 13:  ‘Dogodnadze’ should be ‘Dogonadze’

                       Ref. 21:  the correct volume is 73 and the correct year is 1969.  Also, the last word of the title should be


                       Ref. 24:  insert comma after ‘generation’

                       Ref. 25:  The Symposium cited is reported in Pure and Appl. Chem. v. 51, no. 2 (1978).  Weller is not

                                    listed as a plenary lecturer, and there are no contributed paper absracts in evidence.

                       Ref. 27:  This journal citation accidentally duplicated Ref. 5.  The correct citation is Chem. Phys. Lett. 40,    

                                331-335 (1976).  However, the title given was correct.


    57.   Talat S. Rahman, Robert S. Knox, and Vasudev M. Kenkre

            Theory of depolarization of fluorescence in molecular pairs

            Chemical Physics 44, 197-211 (1979) [Erratum:  Chemical Physics 47, 416 (1980)]


                       This paper was plagued by errors.  Even the typesetter left out several references and they were not caught in proof .  The erratum asks that the following references be added to the citation list:


                                    3. Th. Förster, Ann. Physik [6] 2 (1948) 55

                                    4. D. L. Dexter, J. Chem. Phys. 21 (1953) 836

                                    5. A. Jablonski, Acta Phys. Polonica 14 (1955) 295;  ibid. 17 (1958) 481

                                    6. A. Ore, J. Chem. Phys. 31 (1959) 442

                                    7. R. S. Knox, Physica 39 (1968) 361

                                    8. F. W. Craver and R. S. Knox, Molec. Phys. 22 (1971) 385

                                     9. Th. Förster (given incorrectly as #3 in the published list)


                       Further reference corrections and notes:


                       Ref. 28:  the page number is 4364

                       Ref. 35:  probably was subsumed under Kenkre’s article in: V. M. Kenkre and P. Reineker,

                                    Exciton Dynamics in Molecular Crystals and Aggregates in the series Springer Tracts

                                    in Modern Physics v. 94 (G. Hohler, ed. (Springer-Verlag, Berlin,Heidelberg, New York, 1982).

                       Ref. 38(a):  the source should be Chem. Phys. 36 (1979) 377

                       Ref. 38(c) was published:  Phys. Rev. B 20 (1979) 2438

                       Ref. 39:   the page number is 5818

                       Ref. 43:  the publisher’s address is Reading, MA

                       Ref. 50:  the page number is 751


                       Corrections to text/equations:


                       Page 200, top: It has been called to our attention that whereas some of the details mentioned

                                    may be found in ref. 23, there is no distinction made between A, B, and F therein.  The

                                    introduction of B at this stage probably more closely follows ref. 20.

                       Page 204, line 13.  Change “of” to “to”

                       Eq. (4.10c):  divide the second term on the right side by 2 (the factor with a cosine in parentheses

                                    should be the same as in 4.10a, b)

                       Eq. (4.10d):  same

                       Eqs. (4.13a) and (4.13b):  in the third term on the right, replace tau by tau_0


    58.   Maria A. Davidovich and Robert S. Knox

            On the rate of triplet excitation transfer in the diffusion limit

            Chem. Phys. Lett. 68, 391-394 (1979)


                       Ref. 4:  the correct page number is 3222.

                       Ref. 14:  the first author was omitted (M. R. Padyhe)


    59.   R. S. Knox

            Relaxation of electronic excitation in biology:  the initial processing of photon energy and information

            In  Relaxation of Elementary Excitations (Proceedings of the Taniguchi International Symposium, Susono-shi, Japan, Oct. 12-16, 1979), ed. by R. Kubo and E. Hanamura (Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, and New York, 1980), pp. 171-180


                       Ref. 26:  better page numbers are 45-77.

                       Ref. 41:  the correct citation is J. Mol. Biol. 131, 259-286 (1979)*

                       Ref. 43 is an accidental duplication of ref. 8.

                       Ref. 51:  the citation is correct but there exists a subtitle for Vol. 2A:   Visual Function in Man

                       Ref. 52:  the correct page numbers are 180-190, and the correct year is 1959

                       Ref. 58:  better page numbers are 389-393.

                       Ref. 59:  the correct journal name is Nature New Biology, which is a journal distinct from Nature.

                              *This is cited incorrectly as vol. 6, pp . 391-396 (1967) in the published volume, but has been

                              corrected in some preprints that have been circulated as “reprints.”


    60.   John F. Shepanski and Robert S. Knox

            Circular dichroism and other optical properties of antenna chlorophyll proteins from higher plants

            Israel J. Chem. 21, 325-331 (1981)


                       Ref. 21:  the publisher’s location is Weinheim, West Germany (also published by Academic Press.)


    61.   R. S. Knox

            Introduction to exciton physics

            In  Collective Excitations in Solids, (proceedings of a NATO Advanced Study Institute, Erice, Italy, June 16-30, 1981), ed. by B. DiBartolo and J. Danks (vol. 88 of the NATO series, Plenum Press, New York and London, 1983), pp. 183-225


                       Ref. 18:  Bourley should be Gourley

                       Ref. 26:  there is no initial “W” in Bray’s name, certainly in the first citation and probably in the

                                    second qq

                       Ref. 41:  the page number should be 698

                       Ref. 69:  the year should be 1961.  The journal may have been in fact published in 1961, but the

                                    accompanying bound edition (Photoconductivity:  Proceedings of an International Conference, ed.

                                    H. Levinstein) is ©1962.  Each article in the bound edition is marked “J. Phys. Chem. Solids 22 ...


                       Ref. 83:  a second author (R. Dingle) was omitted

                       Ref. 148:  the editor should be G. Hohler; this became ...(G. Hohler, ed., Trends in Modern Physics,

                                     Springer-Verlag, v. 94, pp. 1-109 (1982).

                       Ref. 157b became Phys. Rev. B 23, 3748-3755 (1981)

                       Ref. 165 is essentially D. Gülen, B. Wittmershaus, and R. S. Knox, Biophys. J. 49, 469-477



    62.   Demet Gülen and Robert S. Knox

            Absorption and circular dichroism of the chlorophyll protein CPII:  extensions of a trimeric exciton model

            Photobiochem. and Photobiophys. 7, 277-286 (1984)


               Ref. 11:  “Naqvi, K. R.” should be listed as “Razi Naqvi, K.”

               Ref. 15:  the author “S. A. Randall” is actually “R. S. Alberte.”


    63.   Bruce Wittmershaus, Thomas M. Nordlund, Wayne H. Knox, Robert S. Knox,

            Nicholas Geacintov, and Jacques Breton

            Picosecond studies at 77K of energy transfer in chloroplasts at low and high excitation intensities

            Biochim. Biophys. Acta. 806, 93-106 (1985)


                       Ref. 22:  the second author is J. Bunkenburg

                       Ref. 37:  the second author is M. Nishimura

                       Ref. 46:  the volume number should be 160 instead of 60

                       Ref. 51:  the year should be 1985, not 1984


    64.   M. Stavola, D. L. Dexter, and R. S. Knox

            Electron-hole pair excitation in semiconductors via energy transfer from an external sensitizer

            Phys. Rev. B31, 2277-2289 (1985)


                       Ref. 6:  a volume number (37) should be included.


    65.   Deborah Guard-Friar, Robert MacColl, Donald S. Berns, Bruce Wittmershaus, and

            Robert S. Knox

            Picosecond fluorescence of cryptomonad biliproteins.  The effects of excitation intensity and the fluorescence decay times of phycocyanin 612, phycocyanin 645, and phycoerythrin 545

            Biophysical J. 47, 787-793 (1985)


                       Grabowski and Gantt 1978.  Correct volume number is 28, not 23.

                       Knox, W. 1984.  Correct year is 1983.

                       Swenberg, C. E. et al.  1976.   Correct title is “Bimolecular quenching...”


    66.   Cheryl A. Hanzlik, Lucia E. Hancock, Robert S. Knox, Deborah Guard-Friar, and

            Robert MacColl

            Picosecond fluorescence spectroscopy of the biliprotein phycocycanin 612: evidence for fast energy transfer

            J. Luminescence 34, 99-106 (1985)


                       Refs. 4 and 5:  correct spelling of an author’s name is Tredwell.

                       Ref. 6:   the correct page numbers are 191-200 and 277-281;  however, the latter refer to discussion of the

                                    paper and these pages cover discussions of more than one paper.  Formally, therefore, the correct

                                    reference is to 191-200.

                       Ref. 8:  the correct page number is 233.

                       Ref. 16:  became Biophys. J. 47, 787-793 (1985).

                       Ref. 17:  the year is probably 1983.


    67.   Demet Gülen, Bruce P. Wittmershaus, and Robert S. Knox

            Theory of picosecond-light-induced fluorescence from highly excited small chromophore complexes

            Biophysical J. 49, 469-477 (1986)


                       Ref. 16:  the final page should be 178, not 197.

                       Ref. 18:  the  fifth author is K. Yoshihara.

                       Ref. 20, an abstract, has a followup article by the same authors, “Fluorescence kinetics of emission from a

                                    small finite volume of a biological system,” Chem. Phys. 96, 483-488 (1985)

                       Refs. 20 and 21 have the same authors and source.  This might appear to be an error but they are indeed

                                    two separate published abstracts appearing on the same page.  However, ref. 21 exists as an article,

                                    same authors and title, in Photochem. Photobiol. 43, 71-79 (1986)

                       Ref. 26:  final page is 1078, not 1077.

                       Ref. 29 has an erratum that should have been mentioned:  Photochem. Photobiol. 29, 651-652 (1979)


    68.   D. Gülen, R. S. Knox, and J. Breton

            Optical effects of sodium dodecyl sulfate treatment of the isolated light harvesting complex of higher plants

            Photosyn. Res. 9, 13-20 (1986) (Duysens issue)


                       Ref. 2:  the correct year is 1984.

                       Ref. 10:  the third author’s correct name is E. Wehrli.

                       Ref. 12:  correct page numbers are 666-678.


    69.   R. S. Knox

            Theory and modeling of excitation delocalization and trapping

            In  Photosynthesis III:  Photosynthetic Membranes and Light Harvesting Systems (Encyclopedia of Plant Physiology, n. s., vol. 19), ed. by L. A. Staehelin and C. J. Arntzen (Springer Verlag, Berlin and Heidelberg, 1986) sec. 7.1, pp. 286-298


                       Ref. F2: “Ann Phys Ser 62” should have read “Ann Physik [series 6] 2”

                       Ref. F3:  a more complete reference is “(1965) In: Sinanoglu O (ed) Part II.B.1 of Modern Quantum

                                    Chemistry: Istanbul Lectures. Part III, Action of Light and Organic Crystals Academic Press, New

                                    York   pp 93-137”

                       Ref. M1:  the final page is actually 285 (286 may be blank).

              Ref. P5:  the chapter in the Govindjee book is given incorrectly.  It should be chap. 7.


    70.   N. E. Geacintov, J. Breton, and R. S. Knox

            Energy migration and exciton trapping in green plant photosynthesis

            Photosynthesis Research 10, 233-242 (1986) (Butler issue). Volume also published as:  Govindjee, ed.,  Excitation Energy and Electron  Transfer in Photosynthesis (Kluwer Academic Publishers, Norwell, MA 1987)


                       Ref. 12:  correct page numbers are 835-844.

                       Ref. 13: correct page numbers are I.1.13 - I.1.20.

              Ref. 20:  journal missing;  it is Biochim. et Biophys. Acta.

                       Ref. 22, cited as ‘this volume’, is: Photosyn. Res. (1986) 10, 309-318.

                       Ref. 23:  correct page numbers are I.2.131 - I.2.138

                       Ref. 33:  correct page numbers are I.1.37 - I.1.40.

                       Ref. 34:  volume number should be 594


    71.   D. Bruce, C. Hanzlik, L. Hancock, J. Biggins, and R. Knox

            Energy distribution in the photochemical apparatus of Porphyridium cruentum:  picosecond fluorescence spectroscopy of cells in state 1 and state 2 at 77K

            Photosyn. Res. 10, 283-290 (1986) (Butler issue)


                       Ref. 13:  the correct order of authors is Bruce, Biggins, Steiner, Thewalt.

                       Ref. 16:  the correct volume is 43.


    72.   Robert S. Knox and Su Lin

            Interpretation of Induced transient linear dichroism spectra of LHC particles

            In  Progress in Photosynthesis Research (Proc. VII International Congress on Photosynthesis, Brown, U., Providence, RI, August 1986), ed. by J. Biggins (Martin Nijhoff Publishers, Dordrecht, 1987), vol. I, pp. I.4.445-448


                       There are no references in the published version.  Somehow the list got lost in press.  In the erratum 

                                    that was circulated (literal copy below) there were two small errors.  The paper itself was

                                    cited as 1986, while the publication date was definitely 1987.  In reference 8, “Biochem”

                                    should have been  “Biochim”.




to: Robert S. Knox and Su Lin, Interpretation of transient linear dichroism spectra of LHC particles,

               in J. Biggins, ed., Progress in Photosynthesis Research (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers,

              Dordrecht, 1986), pp. I. 4. 445-448.


Page 448 was blank and should have contained the following:




1.  Gillbro, T., Sundstrom, V., Spangfort, M., and Andersson, B. (1985)

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4.  Gülen, D., and Knox, R. S. (1984)  Photobiochem. and Photobiophys. 7,


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8.  Haworth, P., Tapie, P., Arntzen, C. J., and Breton, J. (1982)  Biochem.

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    74.   R. S. Knox

            Excitation dynamics in biomolecular systems

            In  Excited-State Spectroscopy in Solids, (Proceedings of the Enrico Fermi Summer School, Corso XCVI, Italian Physical Society, Varenna, July 1985), ed. by U. M. Grassano and N. Terzi.  Il Nuovo Cimento suppl. pp. 481-509 (1987)


                       Ref. 3:  second part, delete “N” as an initial of Israelachvili;  Nicolson is the correct spelling of the second

                                    author’s name, as checked on 12/2/92

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            p. 174, near upper left:  in the [m n] equation, omit large brackets


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                       The equation at the bottom left, page 10802, has typographical errors.   The correct form is



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                                    A similar change in the line before eq. (14).


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                       The Erratum points out an error in Equation 9 of the paper.


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                       Ref. 33:  a fourth author M. Maroncelli should be added

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                       The following important reference might have well been included but was not noticed in time:

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                       The last sentence in Sec. 4 should read “Arguments analogous to those concerning absorption can be made

                                    in the case of emission, and produce the n(3) in eq 8.18

                       Following Eq. (13) it is stated that the units are the same as those in previous equations.  This is not

                                    correct; in (13) the dipole strength is in Debye2, the absorption coefficient is in liters/mol/cm, and

                                    the integration variable can be any spectral abscissa unit such as frequency, wave number,

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                       There exists an important corrigendum to this paper, located at Phys. Lett. A 325, 175-176 (2004).  Because of the extent of this corrigendum, a revised version of the entire paper has been filed in the arXiv: http:/ (2004).


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                       In the interest of simplicity the case A = 0 was developed early in the text.  Although this does not affect the general results of the paper, it affects the formalism of part 4, which must be reworked if it is to be used.


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Unpublished Works


Robert S. Knox

Exciton states in solid argon

Ph.D. thesis, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY (1958)


                                    Thesis contents, without historical introduction, were fully published (articles 7, 8)


Robert S. Knox and Jane C. Chang

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Proc. Rochester Symp. on Atomic and Molecular Optics (Rochester,

NY, January 1971), pp. 14-29




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                       Ref. 84:  ‘needs work’

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                       Ref. 113:  second edition?

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                       (citations in reprinted articles were not checked)

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                       Page 142, Fig. 15-1, the point marked “K” should have been marked “M” and the caption should have

                                    ended “...where it is M.”

                       Page 144, lines 4 and 5, are marked “wrong” in the correction copy.

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                       In #4.2, add page: 146

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                                    McConnell;  the authors of the second paper are H. M. McConnell and

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                       There are three additional references, 3.19, 3.20, 5.16, in an informal

                                    erratum (see below)

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                       There were significant corrections that the authors cast into the form of

                       revised pages.  On page 61, the statement that no work had been done to

                       determine the proper dielectric constant was in error, and reference is

                       made to Abe et al (3.19) and Sham and Rice (3.20). 


                       On pages 98 and 99, the analysis of the Avakian delayed fluorescence effect

                       was incorrect;  the corrections refer implicitly to an additional two

                       papers (5.16  -- see below).

                                   3.19  Y. Abe, Y. Osaka, and A. Morita, J. Phys. Soc. Japan 17, 1576

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                       5.16  P. Avakian and R. E. Merrifield, Phys. Rev. Lett. 13, 541 (1964); V.

                                    Ern, P. Avakian, and R. E. Merrifield, to be published.  It is safe

                                    to assume that the material cited in the second reference will be

                                    found in P. Avakian, V. Ern, R. E. Merrifield, and A. Suna,

                                    “Spectroscopic approach to triplet exciton dynamics in anthracene,”

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E. V. Mielczarek, E. Greenbaum, and R. S. Knox

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                       In Sec. I, no. 9 (Perutz), the issue number is missing.  Also, the bibliography for the

                       article was omitted; it is in the original journal issue.


                       In Sec. III, no. 6 (Perutz), same comment as directly above.


                       In Sec. IV, no. 4 (Feher et al.), the editor of the volume is missing.


                       Also note:  generally, the more complete citations are found at the bottom of the

                       first page of each reprint, compared with the list at the font of the book.