Physics of Financial Markets

  A partial list of University of  Rochester Alumni in Physics and Astronomy, who are currently working in areas related to finance, data mining and related areas

Previous UR affiliation       
Current Position     

1. Sergei Avvakumov

UR PhD 2001  (Bodek), Experimental High Enerygy Physics, NuTeV PhD Thesis: Postdoc MINOS (Stanford), Postoc MINERvA (Rochester). PhD. Thesis: Search for muon neutrino oscillation in the E815(NuTeV) fixed target neutrino experiment at Fermilab.

Financial Engineer/Research Associate (MINERva)
U of R Physics Dept (Physics of Financial Markets)
Email: avvakumov at

2. Kamel Bazizi

UR Postoc 1995-1997 (Slattery) Experimental High Energy Physics ATLAS

Vice President of Research & Consulting CMS BondEdge

3. Giuseppe Ballocchi UR PhD 1989 (Ferbel) Experimental High Energy Physics, E706. PhD Thesis: Measurement of [pi] production at low transverse momentum.

Head of Risk Management
Member of Board of Swiss Society of Investment Professionals
Pictet & Cie. , Geneva, Switzerland
Email:  gballocchi at
4. John P. Borders

UR PhD 1994 (Ferbel), Experimental High Energy  Physics, Dzero PhD. Thesis: Optimization of jet energy resolution and response of the D0 detector.

Credit Suisse,
Eleven Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10010-3629 US
Phone +1 212 325 2000
Fax +1 212 325 6665
5. Tainwu Cai

UR PhD 1996  (Bigelow), Experimental Quantum Opticsd, PhD Thesis: Mechanical effect in the two-dimensional laser-atom interaction.

McKinsey & Co
6. Calin Ciordas-Ciurdariu

UR MS 1996 (Teitel), Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics


7. Dinco Cule UR PhD 1995 (Shapir),  Theoretical Condensed Matter, PhD Thesis: Glassy Properties of Surfaces Growing on Random Substrates

J. P. Morgan
8. James Dunlea

UR Postdoc (Slattery), Experimental High Energy Physics, ATLAS

 Vice President of Financial Engineering Redwood Investment Systems

9. Renato Ejnisman

UR PhD 1998 (Bigelow), Experimental Quantum Optics. PhD Thesis: Studies with Ultracold Atoms

Consultant McKinsey & Co. Brazil

10. Emile E.  Ettedgui

UR PhD 1995 (Gao), Experimental Condensed Matter Physics. PhD Thesis: Surface and interface studies of light emitting semiconducting materials.

Rand Corporation, DC
11. Mortin Farber

UR PhD 1970 (Ferbel), Experimental High Energy Physics, PhD. Thesis: Study of diffractively produced three-body final states in K p interactions at 13 GeV/c.

Senior Analyst
Boeing International
12. Adrian Ghinculov UR Postdoc 2002-2003, Theoretical Paticle Physics
Merril Lynch

13. Robert James Henderson

UR PhD, 1997 (Rajeev), Theoretical High Energy Physics, PhD. Thesis: Finite formulations of renormalizable theories.

Vice President
XL Weather & Energy Inc.,
formerly Element Re Capital Products Inc.
14. Alexander Karev

UR PhD. 1987 (Das and Mathur) Theoretical High Energy Physics, PhD Thesis: Studies in the derivative expansion and finite temperature quantum field theory.

Och-Ziff Capital
9 West 57 Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 790-0137
Email: akarev at

15. Adil A. Khan

UR PhD.1999 (Shapir and Schnidman) Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, PhD Thesis: Lattice-gas models of interfacial dynamics.

The Hartford Company
16. Demetris G.  Lappas
UR PhD. 1995 (Eberly) Theoretical Quantum Optics,  PhD Thesis: Aspects of electron correlation in one-dimensional electron-hydrogen scattering.

17. Jedong Lee
UR PhD. 2006 (McFarland) Experimental Particle Physics, CDF,  PhD Thesis:  Financial Engineer/Research Associate (CDF) U of R Physics Dept (Physics of Financial Markets)
Email: dlee at
18. Ying-Hong Li

UR Postdoc 1988-1990 (Teitel) Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

19. Hwa Aun Lim

UR PhD 1986 (Das), Theoretical High Energy Physics, PhD Thesis: Studies on strong-coupling approximations in a class of supersymmetric field theories, and, dynamical symmetry breaking a la Nambu-Jona-Lasanio.

D'Trends, Inc.
Email: hal at
Email:  hal at
20. John Philip Mansour

UR PhD 1990 (Ferbel), Experimental High Energy Physics.  E706  PhD Thesis: High transverse momentum pion production from pion and proton beams at 530 GeV/c on Be and Cu.
333 E Butterfield Road
Suite 700
Lombard, IL 60148
21. Bruce E.  Moskowitz

UR Postdoc 1986-1988 (Melissinos) Experimental High Energy Physics, Axions.


22.  Roland Blaine Roberts

UR PhD 1993 (Gazes), Experimental Nuclear Physics. PhD Thesis: Measurements of sub-barrier transfer yields in S+ Nb, Mo reactions at 180.


23. Sergio A. Pernice

UR Postdoc  1995-1997 (Das) Theoretical High Energy Physics

Professor of Finance
“Centro de Estudios en Ingeniería Financiera”
(CEIF) de la Universidad del CEMA
Cordoba, Argentina.
Emai:  sp at
24.  Wolfgang Scherer

UR PhD 1988 (Das), Theoretical High Energy Physics PhD Thesis: Canonical quantization of constrained systems and coadjoint orbits of Diff(Su1)

Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein
Riverbank House/5th floor
2 Swan Lane
London EC4R 3U UK
Phone: +44 020 747-54403
Email:  wolfgang.scherer at drkw.c
25. Neil Mark  Shaw UR PhD. 1990 (Thorndike), Experimental  High Energy Physics, AMY PhD Thesis:  Search for unstable heavy neutral leptons in electron-positron annihilations at center-of-mass  energies from 50 to 61.4GeV ( Postdoc CDF)

Financial Engineer
UBS Bank,
400 Atlantic Street
Stamford, CT 0690
phone: 203-719 6200
Email:  Mark.Shaw at
26. John Varghese

UR Postdoc 1999-2000 (Das) Theoretical High Energy Physics


27. Robert Walker

UR Postdoc  1989-1993 (Bodek) Experimental High Energy Physics, AMY/CDF

General Partner YEBY

Chief Executive Officer Brigdgelux
YEBY Associates, LLC
822 Upland Rd.
Redwood City, CA 94062 USA
Tel: +1-650-208-4728

Fax: +1-650-261-9930
Email: Robert at
28. Zhu Yang

UR Postdoc 1991-1993 (Das)  High Energy Theory


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