Big BangCollege Center of Undergraduate Research and Mentoring

Priscilla S. Auchincloss
Director,  Center for  Undergraduate Research and Mentoring (and REU and GAANN Coordinator) - University of Rochester
and Director Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program

Bauch and Lomb Hall

Mission: The Office for Undergraduate Research was established in 1990 to encourage and support undergraduate research  (see previous CUGR web site).  Currently, the Center is sponsored by the College and the  Department of Physics and Astronomy. It is centrally located at the Quadrangle  Bausch & Lomb  202 (585) 275-9837.   It promotes the Mentoring of Undergraduates to include Undergraduate Research Experience, Undergraduate Teaching Experience,  Presentation of Talks and Posters at Conferences, Publications in Local and National Journals, Applying for Research Grants,  and Nominations for Fellowships and awards.

The center coordinates Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programs at the University of Rochester,  provides support and advice to faculty  on  NSF REUGrant proposalsNSF REU 3 page supplement proposals,  Other Funding  for Undergraduate Research Programs and proposals, NSF CAREER Proposals,  Educational and Outreach Programs and Proposals, and Department of Education GAANN Graduate Fellowship Programs and Proposals  The center coordinates the  publication of  the Journal of Undergraduate Research at Rochester, coordinates summer and academic year undergraduate research conferences and symposia among Undergraduate Research  programs at the University of Rochester, and faciltitates presentations and posters by undergraduates at local and national research conferences.

The Center coordinates the activities of the Journal of Undergraduate Research at Rochester  which is located at  Bausch & Lomb 208A  (585) 275-9344JUR


A. Undergraduate Research Conferences at Rochester
B. Undergraduate Research Programs at the University of Rochester
C. NSF Funded Undergraduate Research Programs Nationwide
D. Other Programs

A. Undergraduate Research Conferences at Rochester

MelioraFor the most recent (and planned)  Summer Undergraduate Research Symposia See:
For the most recent (and planned)  Academic Undergraduate Research Symposia See:

As part of  the mentoring of undergrauates, faculty advisors should encourage REU students to give presentations, talks and posters at local and national conferences. In addition, they should encourage the publications of undergraduate research papers, or co-author papers on work with undergraduate, in national journals, as well as national and local journals of undergraduate research.

B. Undergraduate Research Programs at the University of Rochester

B.1 - Undergraduate Research Programs in Physical Sciences and Engineering

Picture High Energy Physics

(1) The REU program in Physics and Astrophysics  sponsored by the National Science Foundation, the University of Rochester's Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Project,  the Department of Physics and Astronomy and the College Center for Undergraduate Research. (Priscillla Auchincloss and Arie Bodek, Directors)

Institute of Optics Institute of Optics(2) The REU program in Optical Science and Engineering sponsored by the National Science Foundation, the University of Rochester's Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Project,  the Institute of Optics  and the College Center for Undergraduate Research. (Priscilla Auchincloss and Nick Bigelow, Directors)


(3) The Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) Undergraduate Research Program   sponsored by the Department of Energy  and the University of Rochester  Laboratory for Laser Energetics

Chemistry Center

(4) The NSF REU Site in Chemistry  sponsored by the National Science Foundation

and the Department of Chemistry (Tom Krugh – Director)

Computer Science (5)  Computer Science Undergraduate Research Program
  (Ted Pawlikci – Director)

(6) Eisenberg Summer Internship and other Summer Internships in Chemical Engineering
Chemical EngineeringThere are a variety of projects  covering different phases of chemical engineering ranging from applied to fundamental problems. Projects may be experimental and/or theoretical in nature

7)  Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Senior Design Projects and Summer Undergraduate Research
Chemical Engineering Students work in group on a variety of Engineering projects during the academic year. At the end of each Spring
semester, students make presentations on their projects at Senior Project Symposium, In addition, about 6 to 10 students work
on research projects each summer.

(8) David T. Kearns Center for Leadership and Diversity in Science and Engineering

B.2 - Undergraduate Research Programs in Biological Sciences

BME(6) The REU Program in Biomechanics and Imaging  (RUBIN) sponsored by the  National Science Foundation and the Department of BioMechanical Engineering (Amy Lerner – Director)

Biology Dept(7) Undegraduate Research and de Kiewiet Summer Research Fellowships in Biology
sponsored by the Department of Biology.  The de Kiewiet Summer Research Fellowships are designed to give University of Rochester students in the B.S. and B.A. Tracks in the Program in Biology and Medicine an opportunity to obtain substantial research experience in the laboratories of Program Faculty. The Faculty in the Program include all members of the following departments along with many faculty from other biomedical departments: Biology , Biochemistry and Biophysics , Microbiology and Immunology , Neurobiology and Anatomy , Neuroscience , Oral Biology , Pharmacology and Physiology. (Tony Olek– Director)  (Evony Reyes)

9) The GEBS Summer Scholars Program and NSF Biology REU Program  sponsored by the  National Science Foundation   and the Medical Center at the University of Rochester, (Stephen Dewhurst – Director)

10) Center for Visual Science (CVS)Summer Research Fellowships in Vision Science

(David Knill – Director)


11) Brain and Cognitive Science Opportunities for Undergraduate Research




(12) Medical Center Summer Research Fellowship (SURF) Program


(13) Strong Children's Research Center Summer Training Program
 The Strong Children's Research Center funds a student scholarship program for students who plan to pursue a medical education and a biomedical research career. This Summer Training Program will involve the student working under the direct supervision of a participating faculty member for 10 weeks during June, July and August
B.3 - Undegraduate Research Programs which include a Social Sciences or Humanities component

picture (14) Urban Fellows Program
(Josanne Reaves, Exec. Director, Leadership Rochester
Jody Asbury, Co-Director)


McNair (15) McNair Program

 (Beth Olivares, John Barker - Directors)   

16) Haggerty-Friedman Psychosocial Fund for Research in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

strong children


Mentors are matched with students to investigate behavioral and developmental problems among children and adolescents and the psychosocial issues affecting them and their families

(17) Undergraduate Research in Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology
psychologyInformation about available research positions is usually posted on the third and fourth floors of Meliora Hall. Most are posted during the first month of the spring and fall semesters. Interested students may also contact faculty members

(18) HOUR Program (History Opportunities for Undergraduate Research)
HistoryRun by the History Department - up to 12 research assistants per year (including summers).

(19) Political Science Barth-Crapsey Undergraduate Research Awards

Political ScienceBarth-Crapsey awards are given to encourage high quality independent research by UR undergraduates in the humanities and social sciences, especially in the fields of government, politics and political history, and literature, and on topics relating to the historical and cultural heritage of the Rochester / Monroe County area.

(20) University of Rochester Summer Fellowship for Innovative Journalism

JournalismThe journalism project must last a minimum of 6 weeks. The award consists of a stipend to the awardee of $325 per week up to a maximum of $2,600 (8 weeks), as well as a check of up to $300 to the sponsor to cover incidental expenses. The awardee will be responsible for housing and living expenses.

(21) Susan B. Anthony Institute Research Grants for Undergraduate Students

SBAThe Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women's Studies is pleased to offer grants to University of Rochester undergraduate students to support research in gender and women's studies. Proposals may include such items as travel to professional conferences, travel for research purposes, and expenses connected with research

Undergraduate Interships in all departmets may be done either for pay (e.g. REU's) or acdemic credit. The following research opportunities and interships are primarily (though not all) for course credit.

(1) Fredrick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies Internships/Independent Study

SBAThe University of Rochester's Rare Books and Special Collections holds a large and important collection of Frederick Douglass primary source materials: correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, copies of his newspapers - all may be found here. In conjunction with the Frederick Douglass Institute, these internships are being offered with the larger goal of creating a digital collection of Douglass materials.These Internships and Independent Study opportunities usually carry 4 credits and are taken along with three other courses as part of a normal student's schedule.

(2) Department of Anthropolgy Rochester Center for Ethnographic Studies Internships
SBA Students' research project (for credit) cover a wide range of topics, from urban planning, to support groups,  to the culture of commerce.  This research is highlighted every year in our Spring Research Conference at which students present the results of their work to an audience of faculty, students, and community activists. Through its partnerships, RCES has begun to provide off-campus employment opportunities for students that draw on their ethnographic research skills.

(3) Department of Religion and Classicss Internships
SBA Students' internships in the Rochester area include opportunities for social service, community organizing, and teaching in schools and established religious centers and institutions. All internships are without pay, but are worth up to four credit hours. Student internships aborad  include programs in Peru, Israel and Italy.

(4) International Theatre Program
SBA Get cast and get credit! All productions are worth a minimum of 4 credits.

Other Web pages of Undergraduate research programs at Rochester

(1) College Center for Academic Support
    (a) List Internships Maintained by the College Center for Academic Support
    (b) Information on Indepedent Study/Research Courses - the College Center for Academic Support
    (c) Information on Senior Scholars - the College Center for Academic Support
    (d) Information on Study Abroad
    (e) Take-5 Program
    (f) 3/2 BS/MS Programs
    (f) Summary of Special Opportunities

(2) List maintained by the U of R Journal of Undergraduate Research
(3) Useful Links Maintained by U of R Medical Center
(4) List of Rochester REU's maintained U of R Medical Center

(5) List of Individual Department Web Pages

C. NSF Funded Undergraduate Research Programs Nationwide

1. Click for a list ofNSF Logo NSF Funded REU programs at the University of Rochester 
2. Click for a list of
NSF Logo  NSF Funded  REU Programs Nationwide

D. Related Programs

D.1-  Teaching Interships for Undergraduates at Rochester
Workshop in Progress(*)  College Worshop Taskforce ( Steve Manly, Director, investigates the effectiveness of various workshop teaching techniques)
(*)  Teaching Assistant Training and TI Training in Science and Engineering ( Steve Manly Director, run by the department of Physics and Astronomy and the Women in Science and Engineering Program)
(*)  Learning Assistance Center (Vicky Roth, Director, coordinates workshop leader training)
(*) Science, Math, and Engineering Educators Network
(*) CLTR - College Learning Teaching and Technology Round Table
(1)  Undergraduate Workshop Leaders in Chemistry  (Jack Kampmeier)

(2)  Undergraduate Teaching and Technology Internships (TI)  Physics and Astronomy ( Lynne Orr, Director about 25 Workshop Leaders and  Laboratory Teaching Internships per semester)

(3)  Undergraduate TA Positions in Mathematics (including workshop leader positions)

(4)  Undergraduate TA Positions in Biology (including workshop leader positions)

(5)  Undergraduate TA Positions in Computer Science (including workshop leader positions)

(6)  Undergraduate TA Positions in Economics (including workshop leader positions)

(7)  Undergraduate TA Positions in Electrical and Computer Engineering (including workshop leader positions

(8)  College Writing Fellows Program for Undergraduate Students

The College Writing Fellows are undergraduate peer tutors who provide critical feedback on writing during every stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to revision.
(9)  Philosophy Teaching Internships (in public schools) for  Undergraduate Students
Through the Philosophy Department's Teaching Internship Program, University of Rochester undergraduates work with elementary school children in the City of Rochester (Philosophy 396, Teaching Internship, for 4 credits. )
(10)  Warner Internships Opportunities (in public schools) for  Undergraduate Students

D.3-  Research Experience for High School Teachers (RET) at Rochester-

(1)  RET  Program for High School Teachers  in Physics and Astronomy
(2) RET Program Program for High School Teachers  in Chemistry
(3) PARTICLE Program for High School Teachers in  Elementary Particle Physics

D.3-  Outreach Activities for High School (and Elementary School) Students at University of Rochester

(1) PREP Summer Program in Physics for High School 9th and 10th grade Students Pre-College Experience in Physics (PREP) -(Priscilla Auchincloss, Director) – Physics and Astronomy
AstroPREP - Prof. Alice Quillen - Physics and Astronomy
(2) Laboratory for Laser Enegetics Summer (LLE) Internship Program for High School Juniors
(3) PARTICLE Program for High School Students in Elementary Particle Physics
(Kevin McFarland, Director) - Physics and Astronomy
(4) University of Rochester Women in Science URWIS "Women Helping Girls with Choices" Mentoring Program
(5) University of Rochester RAPS (Rochester Alliance Promoting Science) Science Mentoring Program
(6) Rochester Scholar Program    - Special 1 or 2 weeks Courses (designed for high/middle school students) conducted during  the summers and during high/middle school vacations.
(7) On Track to Engineering Pre Program  (OTEPP)   - High School Students (Lisa Norwood, Director) School of Engineering and Applied Science
(8) Chemical Science High School Research  - High School Students  (Hong Yang, Director) Chemical Engineering ( )

 D.4 -  Other Outreach Activities at the University of Rochester for Students and the General Public

(1)   U of R Journal of Undergraduate Research located at  Bausch & Lomb 208A  (585) 275-9344JUR
(2) Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) (Priscilla Auchincloss, Director)
(3) University of Rochester Women in Science URWIS
(4)  Center for Study Abroad and Interdepartmental Programs
(5)  Mees Observatory Tours
(6)   Astroflow Astronomy Program

(7)  U of R Minority Outreach Programs

D.5 - As Part of the Mentoring of Undergradautes, Faculty are encouraged to nominate undergraduate for Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards and Prizes at the National, University and Department levels:  A few examples include:

Colin and Ailsa Turbayne International Berkeley Essay Prize Competition (Philosophy) Submitted papers should address some aspect of Berkeley's philosophy. Submissions are blind reviewed and will be judged by members of a review board selected by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Rochester. The winner in this competition will be announced March 1  and will receive a prize of $2,000. (National Award)

The Stoddard Prize in Physics  Annual prize awarded for the best senior thesis by a graduating senior in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. All senior thesis projects are included in the competition. This prize is awarded by the Undergraduate Advisors and the Undergraduate Awards Committee based upon a review of the written thesis and an evaluation of a short talk on the research given by the student. The prize includes a monetary award of $900.  (University Award)

The APS Apker Undergraduate Physics Achievement Award This prestigious award, awarded in a nationwide competition, is meant "to recognize outstanding achievements in physics by undergraduate students, and thereby provide encouragement to young physicists who have demonstrated great potential for future scientific accomplishment." The award was established as a memorial to LeRoy Apker who received this Ph.D. from the UR Department of Physics and Astronomy in 1941. The prize includes a monetary award of $5,000. (National Award)

William Morse Hastings Essay Prize (Economics)   is a cash prize awarded to a senior for the best essay or thesis on a topic of economic research (Department Award)

U of R Susan B. Anthony Institute Award for Independent Research in Gender and Women's StudiesBeginning in 1999, this annual award recognizes excellence in undergraduate research. It will be presented at year's end to the student who has completed the best undergraduate research project in gender and women's studies during the academic year (Department Award).

The University of Rochester Catherine Block Memorial Fund Prize, awarded annually by the University to a woman in the junior class in recognition of her outstanding ability and achievement in the field of science. 

The University of Rochester Janet Howell Clark Prize, awarded annually by the University to the senior woman who has shown the greatest promise in creative work in either astronomy, biology, chemistry, or physics and who has shown outstanding versatility in the mastery of allied fields.

Astronomical Society of New York (ANSY) Undergraduate Student Prize (for distiguished research paper)

NYS Section of American Physical Society Physics Outreach Award

American Physical Society Meeting Student Poster Copetition  Awards

For a list of Prestigious National Fellowships  (NSF, Goldwater etc.) see:

See Also List of NATIONAL Fellowships  at:

D.6-  GAANN Graduate Fellowship 

The center also  leads and  runs the following GAANN Graduate Fellowship Programs funded by the Department of Education:

(1) The GAANN Program in Physics and Astrophysics
(2) The GAANN Program in Chemistry and Physics

D.7 Other Training/Teaching Experience Programs for Graduate Students

(1) The
Certificate in College Teaching of Physics Program

(2)  Graduate Writing Instructors - College Writing Center

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