Online Material (Code, Memos, Data, Links, Documents)


  • Potentially useful astronomy FORTRAN codes:
  • cahk.f - age-dating Sun-like stars with activity/rotation parameters (gyrochronology, Mt. Wilson S, R'HK, X-ray flux, etc.)

    Astronomy Notes, Memos, and Data Tables

  • Stellar links: Links to lots of external stellar databases
  • Cool plots
  • Number Densities of Stars of Different Types in the Solar Vicinity
  • A modern mean stellar UBVIJHKs color and effective temperature (Teff) sequence for O9V-Y0V dwarf stars
  • Notes on Luminosity Class V (dwarf), IV (subgiant), and III (giant) MK Standard Stars
  • Basic Astronomical Data for the Sun
  • The Closest F-Type Stars and Their Local Density
  • Potentially useful comments and links regarding careers in astronomy/astrophysics
  • Potentially useful statistics papers for astronomers
  • On the distance to 2M1207
  • Helium-metal fraction slope dY/dZ: Review of recent published estimates
  • Primordial Helium abundance Yp: Review of recent published estimates
  • Mid-Infrared Extinction Law in the Spitzer IRAC (3.6-8 micron) and MIPS 24 micron Photometric Bands: A Summary of Recent Literature
  • Deriving V Magnitudes from USNO-A2.0 Photographic Photometry
  • Comparison between Bessell-Brett (1988) V-K colors and Johnson-2MASS V-Ks colors for dwarf stars, or a check on the Carpenter (2001) transformation from 2MASS Ks to BB88 K-band
  • "Accurate Geodetic Coordinates for Observatories on Cerro Tololo and Cerro Pachon" and the difficult-to-find 1972 Harrington study
  • HD 32297: HR Diagram Position for a Resolved Debris Disk (figshare, w/M. Pecaut)
  • IC 2391 cluster: HR Diagram for B-type cluster members and data (consistent with age 50 Myr)
  • Table of published distances to the Pleiades (1893-2014) and plot of Pleiades distances (1970-2014).
  • Spectroscopic Gravity (log(g)) Estimates for Subgiant MK Spectral Standard Stars: a preliminary log(g) sequence for luminosity class IV stars
  • Stromgren (b-y) Color Versus Effective Temperature for AFGK Main Sequence Stars
  • Systematic Differences in Spectral Classifications of G2V (Sun-like) Stars Between the Michigan Spectral Survey and Modern Surveys Relying on Keenan's Revised MK Standard Star Sequence Or "When is a G2 Dwarf not a G2 Dwarf?" (new 2014 Aug 4)

    Hard-to-Find Documents

  • Boeshaar (1976), PhD Thesis, "The Spectral Classification of M-Dwarf Stars", The Ohio State University
  • Harrington, Mintz Blanco, & Blanco (1972): "Geodetic and Astronomical Coordinates of the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory"
  • Blaauw (1991) review: "OB Associations and the Fossil Record of Star Formation", The Physics of Star Formation and Early Stellar Evolution, 125-154, eds. C. J. Lada & N. D. Kylafis
  • "Photographic Plates for use in Spectroscopy and Astronomy" (1935) - 2nd Edition - Eastman Kodak Company