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Please download the following software subsystems for BlackBox Component Builder 1.4. You can obtain BlackBox free of any charge from Oberon Microsystem's web page. BlackBox is a powerful and very robust Rapid Development Environment for Windows. It is perhaps the most robust software system I have ever seen, which is the reason I stick to it. I have used BlackBox for about seven years now in the lab, and it is doing its job.

After you install BlackBox on your Windows computer, you can unzip both the Data Acquisition and Monitoring Toolbox Gr and the Persistent Object Manager POM. A hint: I always use the directory C:\Blackbox for BlackBox Component Builder. I never put BlackBox into the proposed Program Files directory, because it makes my life much easier when the top-level BlackBox directory is simply C:\Blackbox.

BlackBox/Gr Maintainance Release 1.0b. Data Acquisition and Monitoring Toolbox for BlackBox Component Builder.
BlackBox/Gr (Gr in short) is a toolbox of histogramming and graphical modules to support developing interactive data acquisition (DAQ) and monitoring programs. Such programs can be used to collect and display data from laboratory equipment (e.g., voltmeters), the DAQ modules (e.g., CAMAC modules), and various sensors and probes (e.g., temperature probes, Hall effect probes, etc.).
This is a maintainance beta release 1.0c, the second public release of Gr. I am releasing both Gr and POM at the same time because the two packages need be consistent. This Gr release has several additions that POM needs.

Persistent Object Manager (POM) release 1.0. A tool to organize several objects such as histograms into a tree structure similar to the Windows Explorer. The user can open graphical views of collected data by double-clicking on the object icons. The entire tree can be saved to disk as a binary file with an extension ".pom". The data file can be read back into the POM at a later time. POM has been used to manage tens of thousands histograms acquired in an experiment. I am currently using POM in my laboratory practice to perform mission-critical experiments. It works really well.

Example of experimental data managed by POM Data Logger. The screen shots show data from a displacement-measuring interferometer (DMI) recorded with POM Data Logger.

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