Physics 217 - Fall 1998

Electricity and Magnetism I

Problem Set #2

Due: Thursday, September 17, 1998

Griffiths problems:

1)1.36[5 pts]
2)1.40[5 pts]
3)2.6[10 pts]

4) Consider a spherical shell of finite width, with inner radius a and outer radius b. A total charge Q is distributed uniformly over the volume of this shell. Find the electric field E(r) for all positions r, i.e. inside the hollow of the shell, r<a, within the thickness of the shell, a <r<b, and outside the shell, b<r. Make a sketch of |E| vs. r. Discuss what happens in the limit that a approaches b, and the thickness vanishes, while Q is kept constant. This problem is meant to help you think about how a two dimensional surface charge density can be thought of as a limit of a three dimensional volume charge density. [10 pts]

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