Physics 217 - Fall 1998

Electricity and Magnetism I

Problem Set #6

Due: Thursday, October 15, 1998

Griffiths problems:

1)2.26[10 pts]
2)2.31b[5 pts]
3)2.32[5 pts]
4)2.33[10 pts]
5)2.36[10 pts]
6)2.40[10 pts]
7)2.49[10 pts]

Problem 2.49 is quite difficult, but it explains the very interesting physics of vacuum tubes. It is a real problem of electrostatics in action!

Hints: For part (b), use energy conservation to get the answer. For part (e), guess a solution of the form V(x)=Cxa, and substitute in to determine the exponent "a".

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