Physics 217 - Fall 1998

Electricity and Magnetism I

Problem Set #9

Due: Tuesday, November 17, 1998

Griffiths problems:

1)3.45c[10 pts]
Given the quadrapole tensor Q in the coordinate system r, derive an expression for the quadrapole tensor Q' in the coordinate system r', where r'=r-d (d is a constant displacement vector.) Show that Q=Q' (i.e. that Q is independent of the choice of origin) only if both the monopole and the dipole moments vanish.
2)3.29[10 pts]
Also, for this problem, explicitly show, by direct calculation, that the quadrapole moment vanishes.
3)3.30[10 pts]
4)3.40[10 pts]
5)3.41[10 pts]

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