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PHY 218: Electricity and Magnetism II
Prof. S. Teitel stte@pas.rochester.edu ---- Spring 2016


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lecture 5


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lecture 6

More examples, Maxwell's correction to Ampere's Law, conservation of energy in presence of electromagnetic fields

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HW#1 due

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lecture 7

Electromagnetic energy density and energy current (Poynting vector) of electromagnetic fields

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lecture 8

Conservation of momentum, Maxwell stress tensor, electromagnetic momentum density and angular momentum density, magnetic monopoles, Maxwell's equations in potential form

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lecture 9

Maxwell's equations in potential form, gauge transformations, Coulomb gauge, Lorentz gauge, electromagnetic waves in a vacuum

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lecture 10

Solutions to the wave equation, plane waves, spherical waves, simple harmonic wave, Fourier transform

HW#2 due

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lecture 11

General solution to the homogeneous wave equation, Green's function for the inhomogeneous wave equation, longitudinal, transverse, and circular polarization

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lecture 12

Electromagnetic waves in a vacuum, energy and momentum of EM waves in a vacuum, macroscopic Maxwell's equations in matter, wave in a linear material with constant permeability and permeativity

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HW#3 due

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lecture 13

Frequency dependent polarizability, electric susceptibility and permittivity, non-local in time relation between displacement field D and electric field E