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PHY 218: Electricity and Magnetism II
Prof. S. Teitel stte@pas.rochester.edu ---- Spring 2016


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HW#5 due

3 4

lecture 19

Reflected and transmitted field amplitudes, coefficient of reflection, region of total reflection, reflection between two transparent media, Brewster's angle, Green's function for the wave equation

5 6

lecture 20

Green's function for the wave equation, radiation from a localized oscillating charge density, expansion for the vector potential

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HW#6 due

10 11

lecture 21

Electric dipole, magnetic dipole and electric quadrapole terms for radiation, magnetic fields in the electric dipole approximation, radiation zone

review magnetic dipoles

12 13

lecture 22

Electirc field, Poynting vector and radiated power in the electric dipole approximation, why is the sky blue?, magnetic dipole radiation


lecture 23

Radiation from an arbitrary time-dependent charge distribution, Larmor's formula for the radiated power of an accelerated charge, radiation-reaction force, radiative decay of a classical atom

make-up lecture during workshop

15 16
17 18

lecture 24

Lienard-Wiechert potentials for a moving point charge, potentials and fields for a point charge moving with constant velocity

HW#7 due

19 20

lecture 25

Special relativity, Lorentz transformation, time dilation, FitzGerald contraction, simultaneity of events, proper time, proper length


lecture 26

4-vectors, Lorentz transformation matrix, 4-differential, proper time interval, 4-velocity, 4-acceleration, 4-gradient, wave equation operator, 4-current, 4-potential, the field strength tensor, transformation law for E and B fields

make-up lecture 2pm in BL 372

22 23
24 25

lecture 27

Maxwell's equations in relativistic form, 4-momentum, Minkowski force, relativisitc kinetic energy, conservation of energy and momentum, the Lorentz force in relativistic form

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lecture 28

The relativisitic generalization of Larmor's formula

last day of classes

HW#8 due


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