Special Programs

Certificate of College Teaching in Physics and Astronomy

The department offers a teacher training program for graduate students that culminates in their teaching a full course during the University's summer session. A certificate of college teaching is awarded upon completion of the program. For more information see the teaching certificate page.

TA Training in Science and Engineering Program

The department has a formal program of training for all its graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants. For more information see our TA training page.

MD/PhD Program

The department, in conjunction with the School of Medicine and Dentistry, provides a joint graduate program leading to the MD degree and the PhD degree in physics. For an overview of the MD/PhD program and information on the application process, see the medical scientist training program site.

Cross-Disciplinary Physics Program

The cross-disciplinary physics program allows students in the Department of Physics and Astronomy to pursue physics-related research under the direction of participating faculty members from other departments at the University. For more information see the cross-disciplinary page.

Visiting Student Program

Students who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at a higher education institution other than the University of Rochester, and have been invited by faculty to do research in their fields of study, may apply for visiting student status.

Normally, such a visit will be limited to one year (a minimum of two months is required). However, with the approval of the dean of graduate studies, the period of residency may be extended up to three years. Extensions for international students are dependent upon the provisions and requirements of the visa (F1 or J1) for study in the United States.

Visiting students are required to fill out the visiting student application and to provide proof of enrollment at their current institutions. They are required to provide University Health Service with a health history form and must meet New York State law and the University of Rochester mandates regarding immunizations. They are also required to complete and submit a payment agreement to the University of Rochester Bursar's Office.

For more details, see the procedures PDF and the application