Poster Printing


  • We are now accepting orders from outside the Department of Physics and Astronomy.
    • Orders from outside the department will be printed on a first come first serve basis as time and resources allow.
  • We have moved to a new Poster Submission FormALL orders are required to be submitted through this form.
    • The new system can only be accessed from UR networks (e.g. campus networks, or via a VPN)
    • If you encounter technical issues with the new form, please email with the details.

Ready to print? Submit your PDF or PowerPoint with scaleable graphics using our Poster Submission Form (only accessible from UR networks).



Information about any upcoming scheduled print center closures can be found on the order page.


Poster printing is now a cost center! (Ask your admin about how this might impact you.) Plain paper posters are $8/linear foot and glossy posters are $11/linear foot in the longest dimension.

All payments need to be made on pick up in Bausch and Lomb Hall room 470. We DO NOT accept credit cards. Payment may be made with cash, check, or UR account.

The BCC offers the service of large format poster printing for the Physics department and U of R in general. There are specific requirements that need to be followed for a smooth poster printing experience.

Technical Requirements

All posters must have one dimension that is less than or equal to 36". The other dimension can be of any length.

When creating your posters you will need to change the document page size to the physical dimension it will be printed to. For example, most documents are 8.5" x 11". Instead, you'll want to change the page size to be 36" x 48" (a common poster size). If you do not change the document size, pleasing scaling effects cannot be guaranteed when printed.

All graphics used in a poster need to be of a scalable vector type (EPS, PDF) or a high-resolution bitmap (TIFF, JPEG, etc) or else there is a risk of blurry or pixelated output.

Accepted file formats for a poster are Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx format) or Adobe PDF.


Price is based entirely on length and paper type:

  • Plain paper: $8.00/linear foot
  • Glossy paper: $11.00/linear foot

All glossy prints come with a free draft copy on plain paper when submitted 24 hours in advance.

Orders and Pick-Up

You can submit an order using the Poster Submission Form (accessible only from UR networks).

All poster submissions require advance notice. How far in advance depends on the number of posters being printed:

  • An order of three posters, or less, will need to be submitted to us at least 24 business hours before you need it (excluding weekends and Thursdays).
  • Any large orders of four or more posters will need to be ordered with us one week in advance.
  • We will not provide any rush service.

Posters are only printed Monday through Wednesday and Friday and availiable for pickup untill 5pm those days. Any posters brought after that time will not be available for pick-up until the following day.

We are located in Bausch and Lomb Hall room 470 on the River Campus. No poster may be picked up until payment is submitted.


For billing and ledger questions, please email

If paying with an UR account, you must bring a signed charge form filled out with an account number (FAO).

If you want posters printed for personal use, you may:

  • Pay with cash
  • Pay with check payable to the “University of Rochester”