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Check the course schedules/descriptions available via the Registrar's Office for the official schedules for the widest range of terms for which such information is available.

General Course Information

Introductory Physics sequences

The Department offers three introductory basic sequences in physics:

PHY 113, 114: General Physics I & II—This two-semester calculus-based sequence covers similar material as the three semester sequence PHY 121-123 (see below), but at a lower level. This sequence is intended for students in the life sciences and others desiring a working knowledge of basic physics.

PHY 121, 122, 123: Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Modern Physics—This is the basic calculus-based sequence for prospective physics, or physics and astronomy, majors and engineering students.

PHY 141, 143, 142: Mechanics, Modern Physics, Electricity and Magnetism—This is the honors sequence of the above, recommended for students with strong interests and abilities in physics. The department strongly recommends this sequence for all suitably prepared prospective majors, and encourages it for any student who has had a good high school introduction to differential and integral calculus. Note that PHY 143: Honors Modern Physics, is restricted to first-years, and precedes PHY 142 in the normal sequence.

Introductory Astronomy Courses for Science Majors

The department offers two introductory courses in astronomy, intended for students with a strong physics and mathematics background. The department strongly recommends these courses for prospective majors in physics and astronomy.

AST 111: The Solar System and It's Origins

AST 142: Elementary Astrophysics (Honors)

Courses for Non-Science Majors

The department offers several courses in physics and in astronomy designed for students in non-science majors, which require no specific prior knowledge of physics or calculus:

PHY 100: The Nature of the Physical World

PHY 102: Visions of the Multiverse

AST 102: Black Holes, Time Warps and the Large Scale Structure of the Universe

AST 104: The Solar System

AST 105: Introduction to the Milky Way Galaxy

AST 106: Cosmic Origins of Life