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Prof. Gabriel T. Landi

Quantum Thermodynamics and Quantum Transport (QT2) group.
University of Rochester, USA.


I am a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Rochester. My main research interests are in open quantum systems, with applications to quantum thermodynamics and quantum transport. I am also an associate editor at PRX Quantum.


Bausch & Lomb 317

Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester,
P.O. Box 270171

Rochester, NY, USA.

+1 585 275 2418

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Latest news (updated Sep01):

  • Our paper on stochastic metrology has just been published in PRR. Really happy with this. It represents an area of research that I am very interested in and which has much that can be explored.

  • Our paper on particle current statistics in driven mesoscale conductors has just been published as a letter in PRB. I’m really excited about this, as I think it represents an important first step in establishing the full counting statistics of mesoscopic leads and realistic strongly coupled quantum systems.

  • Stoked to have our latest preprint out First Passage Times for Continuous Quantum Measurement Currents. We introduce a novel way to estimate first passage times of stochastic processes emerging from continuous measurements.