PHY402/404 Probability and Linear Spaces

Mon-Wed 9:30-10:45 B&L 208B

First Class Jan 23; No class Jan 18 Due to Prelim Exam

S. G. Rajeev

This is a one semester course divided into two halves for historical reasons. Some knowledge of statistical physics and quantum mechanics will be assumed.

There will be a final exam for examinations each half of the course. There will also be some homework assignments. The exam and the homeworks will have roughly equal weights.

My office hours will Wednesday 11:00-12:00 am. I encourage all students to come and talk to me at this time.

Your TA for the course will be Fricke Tobin. He will mainly be grading the homeworks. He has a webpage on this course as well.

The syllabus is here

PHY402 Final Exam and Solutions

PHY404/404 Problems
New Problems April 21st 2006.

Office Hours Mondays 11:00am to 12:00 noon B&L 351

Everyone should see me at least once a month.

PHY402 Final Exam Wednesday March 22nd 9:30-10:45

There is no required textbook for the course. For PHY402, you might find it useful to consult the book " Probability Theory: A Concise Course" by Yu. A. Rozanov. If this looks too elementary to you, read the review article " Stochastic Problems in Physics and Astronomy" by S. Chandrashekhar Reviews of Modern Physics Volume 15, Page 1, 1943. Also, the first two chapters of the book "Optical Coherence and Quantum Optics" by Mandel and Wolf ( Cambridge Univ Press) is useful.

For PHY404 (LINEAR VECTOR SPACES) it will be useful to consult elementary linear algebra textbooks (Strang is the author of a populat text; S. Lang is another one). At a more advanced level "Principles of Advanced Mathematical Physics" by R. D. Richtmyer will be useful. The course will be intermediate in level between these two extremes.