I am currently working on galaxy size scaling relations. This is a continuation of my work at CCA during summer 2017. I am looking at the sizes of the central galaxies and their host dark matter halos in Illustris and IllustrisTNG simulations.

Image shows stellar mass-halo mass relations for central galaxies (in Illustris) at zero redshift. Red points denote high star forming galaxies and yellow ones denote low star forming. Stay tuned for interesting results.

Illustris Website

Roche Limits

This work was done with Dr. Tapobrata Sarkar (Department of Physics, IIT Kanpur).

This involved computing Roche limits of stars orbiting in rotating Janis-Newman-Winicour metric. These limits can be very different from those of Kerr metric. Image shows equilibrium density distribution of an orbiting star at Roche limit. Numbers denote fractional density (with respect to central density). For more details and significance of the results see our paper.


Magnetic fields of the Sun

This project was done as a part of Computational Physics course (PHY473a) with Mr. Aniket Maiti.

Toroidal and polar components of Sun's magnetic field can be written as curl and double curl of two radial vector fields. Assuming the coefficents of these vector fields to be spherical harmonics, one can produce multipole structure of solar magnetic fields.