Physics 402: Probability!

Textbook: Probability Theory: A Concise Course by Y. A. Rozanov, published by Dover. (Find a copy!)

Professor: Prof. Rajeev (Course web page)

Homework solutions

  1. Homework 1 Solution (pdf 87kB, or LaTeΧ source), posted 2006-02-07

  2. Homework 2 Solution (pdf 89kB, or LaTeΧ source), posted 2006-02-15

  3. Homework 3 Solution (pdf, or LaTeΧ source), posted 2006-03-04, updated 2006-03-13

  4. Homework 4 Solution (html) or Mathematica Notebook, posted 2006-03-04

  5. Homework 5 Solution (pdf, or LaTeΧ source), posted 2006-03-10

  6. Homework 6 Solution (pdf, or LaTeΧ source). This homework assignment concerns the Box-Muller method for generating normally distributed random numbers given a source of uniformly distributed random numbers. Explanations may be found in Numerical Recipes section 7-2, on Wikipedia, or Mathworld.

  7. Practice Problems (pdf, or LaTeX source). I selected the probability questions from my collection of old Prelim exams and collected them here for use as practice problems.

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