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PHY 217: Electricity and Magnetism I
Prof. S. Teitel stte@pas.rochester.edu ---- Fall 2016

Problem Set 10

Due Monday, November 21, by 4pm in the homework locker

  • Problem 1 [10 points]

    Griffiths problem 3.24
  • Problem 2 [10 points]

    Griffiths problem 3.26
  • Problem 3 [10 points]

    Griffiths problem 3.29 -- do up to and including the quadrupole term
  • Problem 4 [10 points]

    Griffiths problem 3.46
  • Problem 5 [10 points]

    Consider a circular disk of radius R in the xy plane at z=0, centered at the origin, which has a uniform surface charge density σ. We already dealt with this problem in lecture when we discussed the separation of variables method. Now compute the monopole moment, dipole moment, and quadrupole moment for this charge distribution. Then use these moments to write an approximate expression for the potential V(r) for r far from the disk. Compare your answer here to what we found earlier.