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PHY 217: Electricity and Magnetism I
Prof. S. Teitel stte@pas.rochester.edu ---- Fall 2016


On this page I will post the problems discussed in workshop, and their solutions. All problem numbers from Griffiths refer to the 4th edition of the textbook.

  • Week of Sept 4 - review vector algebra and gradients

    Griffiths Example 1.2
    Griffiths Problem 1.5
    Griffiths Problem 1.7
    Griffiths Problem 1.13
  • Week of Sept 11 - computing the electric field

    Griffiths Problem 2.4: Electric field above a square loop of uniform line charge
    Electric field along the axis of a cylindrical shell with uniform surface charge
  • Week of Sept 18 - practice with vectors and vector integrals
    Griffiths Problem 1.55
    Griffiths Problem 1.62 a-d
  • Week of Sept 25 - scalar and vector potentials and Gauss' Law
    Griffiths Problem 1.50
    Griffiths Problem 2.9
    Griffiths Problem 2.13, but more general
  • Week of Oct 2 - electrostatic potential and electrostatic energy
    Griffiths Problem 2.15
    Griffiths Problem 2.23
    Griffiths Problem 2.37
  • Week of Oct 9 - fields at charged surfaces, electrostatic pressure, interactions with conductors
    Find the electric field E and electrostatic potential V for a long hollow cylindrical tube which carries a uniform surface charge density σ. Explicitly compute the discontinuity in E, and the discontinuity in the normal derivative of V, at the surface of the cylinder, and show that these results are consistent with the general results of Griffiths Eq. (2.33) and (2.36).
    Griffiths Problem 2.41
    Griffiths Problem 2.40
  • Week of Oct 23 - image charge method
    Charge in between two conducting planes
  • Week of Nov 13
    Griffiths Problem 3.21 - potential for a charged conducting sphere in a uniform applied electric field
    Multipole expansion for a planar square with uniform charge density
  • Week of Nov 27
    Griffiths Problem 4.19
    Griffiths Problem 4.20
    Griffiths Problem 4.26
    Griffiths Exercise 4.7 -- done somewhat differently than in the text
    Griffiths Problem 4.39
  • Week of Dec 4
    Griffiths Problem 5.4 -- forces on current loops
    Griffiths Problem 5.11 -- using superposition
    Griffiths Problem 5.14 -- solving Ampere's Law with current distribution
    Griffiths Exercise 5.25 -- vector potential for a uniform B