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PHY 217: Electricity and Magnetism I
Prof. S. Teitel stte@pas.rochester.edu ---- Fall 2016

Problem Set 2

Due Friday, September 16, by 4pm in the homework locker

  • Problem 1 [5 points]

    Griffiths Problem 1.42

  • Problem 2 [10 points]

    Griffiths Problem 1.38

  • Problem 3 [10 points]

    Consider a point charge +q located at height +d/2 on the z axis, and a point charge -q located at height -d/2 on the z axis. Find the exact electric field E(r) at a arbitrary position r.

    Now imagine that the position r is very far away from the charges so that d/r << 1. Do a Taylor expansion of your exact answer in powers of d/r to get the leading non-zero term. Write your answer in terms of spherical coordinates r, θ, φ and the spherical basis vectors. Does your answer look familiar?

  • Problem 4 [10 points]

    Griffiths Problem 2.6

*You may not use Mathematica or similar language for these problems!