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PHY 415: Electromagnetic Theory I
Prof. S. Teitel stte@pas.rochester.edu ---- Fall 2013


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MIDTERM EXAM 2:00-3:30 in BL 375

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lecture 17

Examples, point charge in a dielectric sphere

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lecture 18

Bar magnets, electromagnetism and conservation of energy, electromagnetic energy density, Poynting vector, conservation of momentum

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lecture 19

Maxwell stress tensor, force on a conducting surface, Capacitance matrix, inductance matrix, electromagnetic waves in a vacuum


Force, torque, and interaction energy for electric and magnetic dipoles in an external field

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lecture 20

Electromagnetic waves in a vacuum, energy and momentum in electromagntic waves, frequency dependent atomic polarizability

HW 5 due

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17 18

lecture 21

Frequency dependent dielectric function, electromagnetic waves in a dielectric: transparent propagation, resonant absorption, total reflection

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lecture 22

Electromagnetic waves in conductors: frequency dependent conductivity, low frequency "good" conductors, skin depth, high frequencies, longitudinal modes and plasma oscillations

HW 6 due

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lecture 23

Linear, circular and elliptical polarization, waves at interfaces, angles of incidence, reflection and transmission, Snell's law, total internal reflection

2-3:15 in BL 375

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lecture 24

Snell's law for dissipative media, coefficient of reflection, total reflection, Brewster's angle

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lecture 25

Kramers-Kronig relation, Green's function for the wave equation, Lienard-Weichert potentials for a moving charged particle

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