Physics 404: Linear Spaces!

Textbook: An elementary textbook such as Lectures on Linear Algebra by I. M. Gelfand, published by Dover (Find a copy), or Introduction to Linear Algebra by Serge Lang, or the book by the same title by Gilbert Strang is recommended. The course will also draw on some material from the more advanced text Principles of Advanced Mathematical Physics by R. D. Richtmyer.

Professor: Prof. Rajeev (Course web page)

Homework and exams and solutions

  1. Solution to Problem Set 8 (PDF). Posted 2006-04-13.

  2. Solution to Problem Set 9 (PDF). Posted 2006-04-19.

  3. Solution to Problem Set 10. Not posted yet.

  4. Final exam (PDF). Posted 2006-05-03.

  5. Solution to final exam (PDF). Posted 2006-05-03.

Other stuff

  1. Some practice problems from old Prelim exams. Updated 2006-04-13.

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