Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers

S. G. Rajeev




We will use the book Fundamentals of Physics (5th edition) Volume 1 by Halliday, Resnick and Walker. This is the hardcover edition version. If you buy the softcover
version make sure you have all twentyone chapters.

I will lecture on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:40-10:55 am, in Hoyt Hall. If you have a PostScript viewer, you can view the lecture notes.
You  can download a  PostScript viewer called Ghostscript for free for both Windows  and systems and  Macintosh  systems.  You have to be somewhat computer savvy to download and install them.

The lecture notes are available for reference at the Physics Library.
You can also  download and print them by following these  instructions .

You are required to read the lecture notes and the   corresponding chapter of the book before you come to the lecture. It is not the purpose of the lecture to  cover all the material in the book. Instead it will be a time to understand  how the ideas are linked to each other. You are encouraged to ask questions at any time during the lecture. Yes, that means you can interrupt me.


You will attend  one recitation each week, taught by the teaching assistants. Sign-up sheets for recitations will be posted  in the corridor outside the physics labs. They are in the Baush and Lomb building: if you come in from the quad, go all the way down the corridor on the right hand side.
There will be a quizz in each recitation, which  will count towards your final grade.   For more on  homeworks click  here .


Your teaching assistants for this course are   Michael Banks ,Jarod Finlay and Yue Qi. They will be available in Room 304  most afternoons  for help with homeworks. A detailed schedule will be posted on the door of Room 304.


You must also sign up for the labs. For more information click  here

No one can get a grade for this course without having done all the labs.

I will have office hours on
Tuesdays 11:00-12:00 (Bausch and Lomb 351). You can send me email at .

Come see me especially if you find the course difficult.

Read the  Frequently Asked Questions
file for the latest information about the course.  For example,what to do if you find that your homeworks are too hard.

Study Group

Judith Bloch  will organize a study group for this course.

You can contact her at  her office  in Lattimore 120, by telephone x35013  or  by email at .

View the CAPA instructions

View the latest GOPHER instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

See you in class!

The above portrait of Isaac Newton is by Kneller. This and many other fine paintings can be found at CJFA