PHY511 Field Theory

S. G. Rajeev

First Class will be on Monday Sep 11th.

Classes will be MW 9:30-10:45 in Room B&L 375 (Marshak Room)

The main requirement for the course is that you know quantum mechanics well. Some knowledge of relativity and electrodynamics ( as covered in our first year grad courses ) is needed also.

There is no one textbook that covers the material of the course. There are many excellent textbooks on field theory. Field Theory: A Primer by Pierre Ramond comes closest to the point of view I will take.

The lecture notes I will post here will be very terse: they are not meant as a textbook.

I will assign a few problems. While it is wrong to think of field theory as a set of rules of calculation, some experience in calculation is essential. Abhishek Agarwal will act as TA for the course.

Lecture notes and problems are avaliable here as Postscript files.

Lecture Notes
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