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Eric G. Blackman

Professor of Physics and Astronomy

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Curriculum Vitae and Publications

Postdoctoral Fellowships: Caltech (1998-1999); Cambridge (1995-1998)

PhD.(Theoretical Astrophysics) Harvard (1995)

M.A.S. (Part III Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics Tripos): Cambridge (1991)

S.B. (Physics); S.B. (Mathematics) MIT (1990)

Research Style and Interests

My research spans a range of problems in theoretical astrophysics and has recently included excursions into planetary physics and geophysics. I have also worked on the physics of brain injury and helmet protection. The work that I do by myself is primarily analytical or semi-analytical theory, but I collaborate with computational simulators, observers, and experimentalists in additon to other analytic theorists. I prefer working on projects that identify "first order" principles rather than "higher order" details. This can mean working in a subfield for which the basic questions are still being formulated and may not yet have reached popularity. Alternatively, this can mean examining long standing puzzles and assumptions in a new way.

I am a "player-coach" of theoretical astrophysics and physics. That is, I maintain a steady subset of projects for which I myself do the primary calculations, interpretation, and writing. I also have projects for which I supervise and advise others, contributing at different levels depending on the project and the collbaoration team. I often think about the analogy with sports, and particularly the distinction between coaching and playing. For me, coaching alone does not provide sufficient exercise.

Astrophysical fluid dynamics and plasma astrophysics underlie much of my research. These pertain to a variety of different contexts including the interplanetary medium, the sun, stars, galaxies, active galactic nuclei (AGN), and planetary nebulae to name a handful I also have my eyes open for interesting interdisciplinary projects that benefit from physics thinking. This has included work on the physics of mitigating traumatic brain injury.


Some places where I've enjoyed productive time

Past/Present research collaborators at U. Rochester as undergraduate researchers, graduates students, or postdocs

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as Undergraduate Research Students (home undergraduate instituion in parentheses)

Yinqi Fang (U. Rochester); Wen-Fei Fong (MIT); Sean Hartnoll (Cambridge); Scott Lucchini (U. Rochester); Fiona Nichols-Fleming (U. Rochester); Robert Penna (U. Rochester); Bo Peng (U. Rochester); Ryan Pettibone (U. Rochester); Daniel Pfeffer (Case Western Reserve U.) ; Robert Siller (U. Rochester); Yisheng Tu (U. Rochester); Scott Verbridge (U. Rochester); Lauren Weiss (Harvard); William Wolf (Eastern Illinois U.); Karen Xu (U. Rochester);

as Graduate Students

Ananya Mohapatra ; Shubhonkar Paramanick ; Ketevan Kotorashvili ; Atma Anand ; Hongzhe Zhou ; Zhuo Chen ; Farrukh Nauman ; Shule Li ; Kiwan Park ; Jaehong Park ; Jonathan Carroll-Nellenback ; Alex Hubbard ; Jason Nordhaus; Alexei Poludnenko ; Tom Gardiner ; Rob Selkowitz ;

as Postdoctoral Scholars

Victor Lherm ; Luke Chamandy ; Jared Workman ; Martin Huarte-Espinosa ; Joachim Moortgat ; Richard Edgar ; Jason Maron ; Gunnar Paesold; Vladimir Pariev; Peggy Varnière

as Visiting Scientist Affiliates

Maxim Lyutikov


Insight the Parrot

Video clips of Insight, my african grey parrot friend (hatchdate: 29 Jun 2006): on YouTube

Pictures of Insight on Facebook

Audio recording of Insight speaking for 25 minutes on his play gym alone in the kitchen early in the morning (August 2009). (video showing him at his play gym on another ocassion to show his location) , and comments and transcript of the first half.

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