.Reading assignments will be given for each lecture. The knowledge gained from pre-lecture and post-lecture reading should enable you to extract more from each lecture. The primary reading assignments are designed to prepare for class and for studying the lecture notes immediately after each class in order to cover the additional material and examples that were not included in the lecture due to time constaints. It is crucial that students keep up with the material since each lecture is based on understanding material presented in prior lectures. Lecture notes are provided as reading assignments to review five topics that you should have studied in prior courses and are not discussed in class. These five topics are matrix algebra, vector algebra, vector differential calculus, vector integral calculus, Fourier analysis, gravitation, introductory oscillations, and introductory Special theory of Relativity. These pre-lecture reading assignments will allow more time to be spent discussing interesting aspects of the subject during lectures.

Date Lecture notes Topic
3.Sept 1, 2 A brief history of classical mechanics. Mathematic preliminaries.
8 Sept 2 Newtonian mechanics.
10 Sept 3 Linearly-damped linear oscillator and wavemotion
15 Sept 4 Non-linear mechanics and chaos
17 Sept 5 Calculus of variations
22 Sept 5 Calculus of variations
24 Sept 6 Lagrangian dynamics
29 Sept 6 Holonomic systems
1 Oct 6 Non-holonomic systems
6 Oct 7 Symmetries, invariance, and Hamiltonian
8 Oct 8 Hamiltonian mechanics
15 Oct 9 Two-body motion for conservative central force
20 Oct 9 Central-force orbit stability, two-body scattering
22 Oct 10 Motion in non-inertial reference frames
27 Oct 10 Motion in a rotating reference frame
29 Oct 11 .Rigid body rotation: inertial properties
30 Oct   Review for midterm exam on 30 October
3 Nov 11 Rigid-body motion: equations of motion
5 Nov 11 Dynamics of rigid bodies.
10 Nov 12 Coupled linear oscillators
12 Nov 13 Normal modes of many-body coupled linear oscillators
17 Nov 13 Non-standard Lagrangian, Hamilton's Principle
19 Nov 14 Poisson brackets. Canonical transformations
24 Nov 14 Hamilton-Jacobi theory
1 Dec 14/15 Action-angles variables. Mechanics in the continua
3 Dec 16 Relativistic mechanics
8 Dec 17 Transition to quantum mechanics. Epilogue
10 Dec   Review