This link is used for access to recorded lectures if for some reason the instructor is unable to lecture. The following is an example.

I was in Europe 19 August - 13 September 2013 presenting lectures at the Polish Physical Congress. Thus I was not be available to present the first three lectures of P235W scheduled for 4, 9, and 11 of September 2013. Therefore I recorded these three lectures. The audio accompaniment to the Power Point slides describes essential features of the course plus reviews material covered during these lectures. Use these recorded lecture notes in parallel with the corresponding chapters 1, 2, and the appendices, of the lecture notes to study the material covered. I have no prior experience preparing recorded lectures without use of a chalkboard and without student feedback, thus the recordings are not very good and have the disadvantages of use of PowerPoint slides. I recommend that you pick up the lecture notes and play these three recorded lectures prior to the start of classes to mitigate the time pressure at the beginning of term.

You can access these recordings via two ways:

1) Log onto Blackboard and the recordings can be accessed under the P235W course materials link.

2) If you have problems using the above method then you can directly access the three recordings saved as mp4 files using the following three links. You will need to give your Black Board login name and password to access these files.

Lecture 1:


Lecture 3: