The following strategies will facilitate learning the material covered in P235W.

Problem solving:

The primary key to understanding P235W is to learn to solve many problems. Learning to solve problems is essential for doing well on the examinations.

Study groups:

My experience is that students are more successful and get more out of P235W when they interact extensively with the instructors as well as with one another both during workshop sessions and in the Physics Library. Such group-study activity encourages class bonding leading to more enjoyable friendships plus facilitating study and understanding of physics.


Group activity and solution of workshop modules are an ideal way to learn the subject in addition to problem solving. There is insufficient time in class to learn problem solving methods so it is crucial that you attend workshop sessions.

Reading assignments:

This course covers more material than can be thoroughly absorbed and understood just attending classes. The lecture notes cover the material in more depth than can be presented in 75 minute classes. Thus reading the lecture notes/book both prior and after class reinforces and provides a broader overview of the material covered in class.