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PHY 415: Electromagnetic Theory I
Prof. S. Teitel stte@pas.rochester.edu ---- Fall 2017


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Labor Day


lecture 2

From Coulomb to Maxwell: Lorentz force, the magnetic field, Biot-Savart law, current density, charge conservation and the definition of magnetostatics, Maxwell's equations for magnetostatics, Faraday's Law

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lecture 3

Maxwell's correction to Ampere's Law, EM waves, systems of units, scalar and vector potentials, gauge invariance, Lorentz gauge

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lecture 4

Coulomb gauge, longitudinal and transverse parts of a vector function, review of Fourier transforms, physical meaning of the electrostatic potential, Green's function

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lecture 5

Conductors in electrostatics, Coulomb problem as a boundary value problem, electric field at a charged surface, Dirichlet vs Neumann boundary condition, examples, Green's identities and uniqueness

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lecture 6

Uniquness of solutions to the Dirichlet and Neumann boundary value problem, Greens functions for Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions, the image charge method for a charge in front of an infinite plane and in front of a conducting sphere

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lecture canceled

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lecture 7

Charge in front of a charged conducting sphere, separation of variables method in rectangular and polar coordinates

HW #1 due

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lecture 8

Electric field at a sharp edge, separation of variables in spherical coordinates, Legendre polynomials


lecture 9

Examples of problems with azimuthal symmetry.

make-up lecture 11:25am-12:40pm in Dewey 2110E