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PHY 418: Statistical Mechanics I
Prof. S. Teitel stte@pas.rochester.edu ---- Spring 2013


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lecture canceled

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lecture 19

Density matrix for two non-interacting particles, quantum correlations as an effective classical pair interaction, N-particle partition function in the position-space basis, partition functions for non-interacting quantum ideal gas

HW #5 due

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lecture 20

Classical partition function in the occupation number representation, average occupation number, the classical vs quantum limits of the ideal gas

make-up lecture

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lecture 21

The quantized harmonic oscillator as bosons, the Debye model for the specific heat of a solid, black body radiation

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lecture 22

The quantum ideal gas, standard functions, pressure, density, energy, the leading correction to the classical limit

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lecture 23

The degenerate Fermi gas, ground state energy, the Sommerfeld expansion, chemical potential at finite temperature

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lecture 24

Specific heat of degenerate Fermi gas, Pauli paramagnetism

HW #6 due

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lecture 25

The ideal Bose gas, Bose-Einstein condensation in an ideal gas of free bosons

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lecture 26

Classical spin models, constant magnetization vs constant magnetic field ensembles, broken symmetry and the possibility for a phase transition in the thermodynamic limit, Ising phase diagram

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lecture 27

Mean-field solution of the Ising model, critical exponents

HW #7 due