PHYSICS 104: Uncertainty and Chance in Physics
Prof. S. Teitel ----- Fall 2000

Class Notes

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  1. Introduction -- What is Physics?

  2. Basics of Probability Theory

  3. Permutations and Combinations

  4. Example: The Lying Brothers

  5. Example: Playing Blackjack

  6. Example: The Binomial Expansion

  7. The Binomial Distribution

  8. The Mean and Standard Deviation

  9. The Mean and Standard Deviation of the Sum of Two Random Experiments

  10. The Mean and Standard Deviation of the Binomial Distribution

  11. The "Normal" Distribution and the Central Limit Theorem

  12. Some Examples using the Normal Distribution

  13. Random Walks and the Physics of Diffusion

  14. Diffusion in a Gas -- The Speed of Molecular Motion

  15. The Biased Random Walk -- Diffusion in a Force Field

  16. Diffusion Limited Aggregation -- Complex Behavior From a Random Walk

  17. Newtonian Mechanics -- Vectors, Velocity, Acceleration, and Uniform Circular Motion

  18. Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation

  19. Energy and the Law of Conservation of Energy

  20. The Ideal Gas Law and the Atomic Theory of Matter

  21. The Kintic Theory of Gases -- Derivation of the Ideal Gas Law

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